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Clarissa’s Blog: The Economist Invents Its Own Feminism

Who would go to The Economist to find out about the latest trends in feminism? Nobody in their right mind, of course. When this kind of magazine comes up with its own perspective on feminism, the result is hilarious. Liz Lemon: Feminist or Not?

I had revered Tina Fey as a feminist role model until I started doing a little research and kept getting stuck when trying to put together a 10 Reasons for her. I’m willing to admit that I’ve made some stretches in the feature before in finding quotes to support the theory that so-and-so is a feminist role model, but Tina was tough. I found (and continue to find) myself wondering why I had been operating under the assumption that Tina was a feminist – because she’s intelligent? Because she isn’t overtly and constantly sexual/ized? Because she wears glasses? I’m still not sure, but I’ve had trouble finding enough evidence to convince myself she’s a strong feminist role model (not that she needs to be one).

Gender Across Borders: Thoughts on covering up, slut-shaming, and the nature of masculinity

This is just another horrid example of blaming the victim. For example: “How does one not expect to get raped if she wears a mini-skirt?” Because, of course [insert sarcasm], when a woman chooses to wear revealing clothing, she is basically saying to the world, “Hey, please sexually assault me today!” WRONG. In other words, should a man be victim-blamed if he wears short, tight pants and then gets sexually assaulted?

Glossed Over: Bazaar: Bare Your Body to Boost the Economy

What is this “sexification,” and how do we know it’s occurring? I’ve read his article three times and I’m not exactly certain. But it has something to do with Megan Fox earning a lot of money as the face of Emporio Armani Underwear, Jenna Jameson wearing a tasteful blue frock on Oprah, and pop stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Shakira merely existing.


I hope everyone has had a good and productive week!  If anyone is interested in guest or cross posting, check this out!  In lieu of link love on Tuesday, I did a site recommendation.  But also check out the link love from Thursday.  Here are some of my favorite posts from the week, both new and already highlighted.  Don’t forget to leave links to what you have been reading and writing this week!

New link love:

Feminism and Joss Whedon: Death and Character Abuse [this ain’t livin’] – Joss Whedon has a tendancy to kill off female characters right when the audience gets emotionally involved and the character is resolving relationship troubles.  Why?

How to Be An Ally [Recursive Paradox] – The do’s and don’t’s of being an ally for a marginalized group.

Some thoughts on race, ethnicity, and what I am: The Epilogue [Criss Writes] – too often when we talk about “race” or “minoritites,” we really mean “class,” which is why we need class-based affirmative action.

Why Tim Gunn is the Man [The Guy’s Guide to Feminism] – should men be following Tim Gunn’s example of masculinity?

The Jill Question: What is the Role of White Women in the Reproductive Justice Movement? [Feministe] – “Confronting privilege, in all forms, is a critical exercise in achieving reproductive justice. How do we support each other through that process, while we also hold each other accountable for the privilege we benefit from?”

Weekly Link Love:

What Would We Do Without White Privilege? [Womanist Musings]

W: Death Does Not Become Her [Glossed Over]

Site recommendation: The Love Letters Project

I have been having a lot of guest posts recently, which I really appreciate.  I hope to get back to feminist analysis away from pop culture (but there will still be pop culture analysis) next week as I get used to my work schedule.  Here are some of my favorite posts of the past couple days.  Don’t forget to leave links to what you’ve been writing or reading in the comments!!

What would we do without white privilege? [Womanist Musings]

W: Death Does Not Become Her [Glossed Over]

“But I Was Just Joking!” Humor as a Shield [Recursive Paradox]

Guest Post by Sophia: Why feminism is necessary in today’s schools [Small Strokes]

I Know You Are, But What Am I? Living Outside the Gender Binary [this ain’t livin’]

I hope you all have had a great week!  I’ve finally started a somewhat regular work schedule, as some of you may know.  Because of this, I am asking for guest/cross posts from my readers!  Once I get used to my work schedule, I will probably be back to posting more regularly.  Right now, the weekly features should not suffer, it’s mainly the number of posts.  But I am trying to have at least one post a day outside of weekly features, but we’ll see if I can keep that up.

As always, check out the link love from Tuesday and Thursday.  This post features some of my favorite posts from the past couple days as well as some of my favorite posts of the week that were already featured in link love this week.

New link love:

What’s a Little Nudity Between Friends: Racism in the Fashion World [Womanist Musings] – by examining a specific photospread featuring a white woman and a Black woman, Renee looks at the fetishization of Black women’s bodies by the fashion world and society.

A Response to “Lady Mags” – Love Them, Flaws and All, or Leave Them? [The Other Side of the Apple] – this is a new blog that I recommend you all check out!  This post looks at what “lady mags” have to offer, both positives and negatives.

Feminism 101: On Anger [Shakesville] – anger is a pretty rational thing for a subjugated person.

Get Your Agenda Off My Body [Recursive Paradox] – required reading for cis feminists and womanists on activist based transphobia.

Want to be a hipster girlfriend? Look like a child. [Swimsuit Issue] – American Apparel’s advertisements set unrealistic expectations for women.

Weekly Link Love:

Straight Girls: Your Pretend Facebook Relationships Are Not Funny or Cute [Pieces of String] – straight girls in relationships on Facebook add to the erasure of lesbian relationships.

Feminism and Joss Whedon: Time To Talk About the Boys [this ain’t livin’] – I’m pretty much obsessed with meloukhia’s “Feminism and Joss Whedon” series. This installment looks at the portrayal of male Actives in Dollhouse.

Raising a Feminist/Raised a Feminist: A Mother’s and Daughter’s Perspective [Feministing] – a post from a mother and a daughter on raising and being raised a feminist.

Language: why “retarded” and “lame” are not okay [Deeply Problematic] – this is a cross post from Phira featured on Deeply Problematic about the problematic nature of language.

Happy Sunday!  This has been an exciting week for me.  I’ve started a new job and am in the middle of training and as you can see, I have have moved my site to a brand spanking-new self-hosted site!  Take a peek around at some of the new stuff and let me know if you have any suggestions.  Per usual, this post will feature some link love from the past couple days as well as a reminder of some of my favorite posts from the week as featured on Tuesday and Thursday.  Don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing and reading this week (a little self-promotion never hurt anyone!).

New link love:

How PETA is Damaging the Animal Welfare Movement [this ain’t livin’] – Pretty self-explanatory from the title…don’t we all love PETA?  I’d also like to point you to meloukhia’s Feminism and Joss Whedon series because those are two of my favorite things!

Normalization of maleness and whiteness in beer packaging [Deeply Problematic] – Have you ever stopped in the beer aisle and taken a look around?  What do you see?  An overwhelming number of white males on the packaging.  And how are women and people of color represented on these packagings?

Dinner Party Anyone? [Choices Campus Blog] – An idea for raising awareness about feminism on your campus (if you are a college student) which is also a great idea for anyone!  I want to plan a feminist dinner party…too bad all of you are so far away!

Small Strokes Podcast: My Definition of Feminism [Small Strokes] – Take a listen to Ashley’s first podcast about what feminism means to her!

Weekly Link Love:

Getting out of the way so women can save the world [Feministing] – A look at the recent NYT magazine of “Saving the World’s Women.”

Ashley at Small Strokes started a series on why and how feminism should be taught in schools which I was lucky enough to guest post for.  Because the teenage years are important part in the development of the person and values, teaching feminism in high school is very important!

The 5 Ways Glamour Undermines Its Size-12 Self-Acceptance Message [Glossed Over] – All of the uproar over Glamour’s size 12 model didn’t quite sit well with me and didn’t really know why, but Wendy has explained my uneasiness about it very well.

Bros before Hos: A Post Ted Kennedy Story [Recursive Paradox] – After Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, everybody was quick to praise his contributions to women’s rights. But Recursive Paradox pointed out a not very well-known story about Ted Kennedy that should also be remembered!

Image from Etsy

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope this week has treated you all well! I encourage you to take a look at the conversation happening at my post about how men cannot be feminists and join in, there’s some really great stuff going on over there! Here are some of my favorite posts over the past couple days. Don’t forget to leave what you have been writing and reading in the comments!!

The 5 Ways Glamour Undermines Its Size-12 Self-Acceptance Message [Glossed Over]
All of the uproar over Glamour’s size 12 model didn’t quite sit well with me and didn’t really know why, but Wendy has explained my uneasiness about it very well.

Bros before Hos: A Post Ted Kennedy Story [Recursive Paradox]
After Sen. Ted Kennedy’s death, everybody was quick to praise his contributions to women’s rights. But Recursive Paradox pointed out a not very well-known story about Ted Kennedy that should also be remembered!

Will Kate Gosselin EVER get a date? [Salon Broadsheet]
How the media has been portraying Kate Gosselin as lonely.

The Feminist Lens: The Yellow Wallpaper [Small Strokes]
A look at how to teach a feminist text in a high school setting. And make sure you check out her Teaching Feminism in Schools series.

Campaigning for What, Exactly?
[this ain’t livin’]
A critical look at Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

Are Animals and Humans the Same?
[Womanist Musings]
PeTA’s advertising techniques and how black people are often portrayed as animals.

I’m thinking of having a post like this more than once a week since the list of amazing posts from other blogs is getting to be really long. Look for a post along these lines on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as Sundays from now on. Sorry for the late posting time today. I was at my cousin’s wedding this weekend and didn’t get home until Sunday afternoon. I’m always looking for new blogs to read! Leave your links in the comments!

Victim’s don’t “get raped”: on blaming, passivity, and verbs – Deeply Problematic
A great post on the language we use surrounding rape. No one “gets raped,” they “are raped.” Also don’t forget to check out RMJ’s ongoing 50 Books for Problematic Times.

5 Reasons We Still Need Feminism – Appetite for Equal Rights
Some people think that feminism is no longer needed (not me!), but here are at least 5 reasons why we still need it!

They tried that in the 90’s – FBomb
Where are all the shows that accurately represent the lives and worries of teenagers?

Nonmonogamy and Feminism: A Happy Couple – Feministe
How do “open relationships” and nonmonogamy fit into feminist values?

Kelly Clarkson should consider moving to the UK – Feministing
On the use of photoshopping in the US and the UK and more on the Kelly Clarkson Self cover.

The “Sixteen Candles” date rape scene – Salon Broadsheet
I love John Hughes and “Sixteen Candles” but don’t forget about that date rape scene…

So, why do we blog, anyway? (I am deeply disturbed) – Small Stokes
Ashley takes on some of the trends that she sees in feminist blogging that worry her.

Filament magazine and the female gaze – Swimsuit Issue
There’s a new magazine out geared towards women that features smart stories and hunky men.

What We Can Learn From the French – The Undomestic Goddess
What do the French have that we don’t?

A “feminist wedding” is an oxymoron – Womanist Musings
I’ve been thinking a lot about weddings recently as I just attended my cousin’s. How do feminist values fit into the patriarchal norm of weddings?