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This was a very big weekend for me.  We sold our house and bought a new one.  And then I found out that I got into the University of Michigan School of Social Work.  So all in all, a good weekend.

I have been noticing in myself that Thursdays are really not a good day for posting for my schedule.  So I think I am going to change link love posts to ones on just Sunday and Wednesday.

Equality 101: Gender Equality on College Campuses

Leaders of such institutions, the editorial notes, are responding to students’ interests in having relatively equal numbers of men and women on campus. However, as the dean of admissions at Kenyon College puts so well, “What messages are we sending young women that they must . . . be even more accomplished than men to gain admission to the nation’s top colleges?” Why are good women students being turned away so that more mediocre men students can attend college?

FWD/Forward: The Opposite of “Disabled” is Not “Employable”

According to the United State government, disability is “the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment(s) which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.” Or, in non-regulatory terms, disability is when a physical or mental impairment will last at least a year and will make someone unable to work. The ability to work is right there in the definition. A person who cannot work is disabled. If that person can work, they are not disabled. Disability and employability are mutually exclusive states of being.

Gender Across Borders: Equality in Marriage. Is It Possible?

In college I swore I’d never get married (The Sexual Contract by Carol Pateman is to blame/thank). These days I find myself fighting for equal access to the very institution I once denounced.

Bitch Blogs: Race Card: From Adopting Haitian Kids to Giving Them Your Breast Milk

Moreover, in recent days, the adoption community has expressed its concerns about Americans clamoring to adopt Haitian children following the quake. reports that a group called Adoptees of Colour released a statement asserting that desire by those from privileged nations to adopt Haitian children “contributes to the destruction of existing family and community structures in Haiti.” In addition, group members, many of whom were adopted under questionable circumstances themselves, are alarmed to hear that “Haitian adoptions may be ‘fast-tracked’ due to the massive destruction of buildings in Haiti that hold important records and documents…”


BONES_Ep512_0115For all you conspiracy theorists out there, this was the episode of Bones for you.  The episode starting out with mysterious government men taking over the lab insisting that the team work to discover the cause of death of a set of remains which they are not allowed to identify.  But of course they try to identify them and come to the conclusion that the remains belong to JFK based on some pretty convincing evidence.  The episode was pretty much a deadlock between our team and the government men that took over the lab, with the team constantly trying to find ways around these men.

Using the impacts on the skull, the team comes to the conclusion that there were two shooters.  Booth is very upset by this because it would me that the government that he loves so much was a part of a cover up.  At the end of the episode, though, Brennan disproves that the remains belong to JFK (at least it’s statistically unlikely).  The team decides that it was like a dry run because there were congressional hearings debating whether or not to exhume JFK’s remains to do similar testing.

In the meantime, Cam finds a pregnancy test in the lab bathroom and becomes convinced that Michelle, the teenager she adopted, is pregnant.  Turns out though, that is was Angela’s pregnancy test and the whole episode she has to talk with Hodgins about whether or not she wants Wendell’s baby.  Hodgins thinks that she will keep it.  Because of this, he admits that he is still in love with Angela and that he wants to help her raise the baby.  But at the end, Cam reveals that she retested the test and it turns out to be a false positive.  So basically nothing good happened…

I was really liking this episode until the end.  I like hearing about conspiracy theories (man, was Hodgins in heaven in this episode).  And I thought it was an interesting storyline with these mysterious government agents taking over the lab.  But in the end, it turned out not to be JFK (most likely) and Angela’s not pregnant.  They took away all the good storylines right at the end.

Speaking of Angela’s pregnancy…  I actually really kind of liked that storyline, but not the fact that Hodgins was and wanted to be so involved in the decision about whether or not to keep the baby.  Shouldn’t that be a conversation to have with Wendell?  And I didn’t like that they gave Wendell so little credit, I’m sure he would be a good dad and rise to the occasion.  But I would be really interested in seeing Angela as a mother.  I think it would add a lot to the show.  But my prediction is that this pregnancy “scare” is going to make Angela realize that she really does want to have a baby and will try to get pregnant…but probably with Hodgins, which I don’t know how I feel about.

It was also a really interesting point in the plot to kind of pit Hodgins and Booth against each other.  They were both working on the same team, but Booth is very patriotic and refuses to believe that the government would be involved in such a cover up and Hodgins is convinced that that is exactly something that the government would do.  Of course it did kind of come off as painting Hodgins as the crazy liberal and Booth as the unreasonable Republican.  But, it still made for an intersting part of the plot, even if it did rely of political stereotypes.

And I’d just like to note that the past couple episodes they haven’t been blatantly playing up the Booth/Brennan romantic relationship, but there have been a lot of “knowing looks” from the other characters on the show when they are around each other…which kind of makes me want to gag, but that’s just me.

And one last comment…Booth is related to John Wilkes Booth?  Really?  A desperate attempt to add another weird layer to Booth?

paperbagprincessI’ve been working on my Christmas shopping and I recently got a bunch of books for my cousin’s kids.  I was really excited when I found one of my favorite books from my childhood for my cousin’s daughter — The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  I think it is books like these that started to lay my foundation in feminism.

The Paper Bag Princess is a children’s book about a prince and a princess who are set to get married.  A dragon attacks the castle and kidnaps the prince — and all of the princess’ clothes were burned.  So the princess put on a paper bag and followed the dragon to get her prince back.  She outsmarted the dragon and was able to get her prince back.  But when the prince saw her, he criticized her appearance.  So she left him.

I really liked (and still like) this book because it is the woman who tracks down the dragon and tricks him into getting her prince back.  But at the end, she doesn’t just accept how he treats her — she doesn’t stand for it.

It’s a children’s book with a strong female character who can fend for herself and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  If only more children’s books (and books in general) were like this.

Sorry I have been kind of slacking on my weekly features this week.  The change in weather towards the chillier has made me feel like hibernating.  Hopefully I will be back in full (or at least more) force next week.  But to keep you up to date, here are some of my favorite posts over the past couple days.  As always, don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing/reading!

The Fifth Carnival of Feminists is up at Zero at the Bone — and I’m featured!

Keep your “boyfriend jeans” away from my four year old [Feministing] – what gendered clothing and applying relationship norms to clothing means for children.

Today marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Many blogs have written some great pieces and interesting facts in honor.

What if you don’t want a bundle of joy let along a man to call your own? [Professor What If…?] – babies and hetero relationships are not a choice but a cultural imperative.

Books: Sexism in America [The Undomestic Goddess] – a great book review and look at a talk by the author.

Happy almost end of the week everyone!  I’m really excited for Bones to start tonight.  I’ll try to have a post up tomorrow about it.  As always, here are some of my favorite posts of the past couple days.  Don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing and reading!!

Carnival o’ Feminists Numero Cuatro [Jump Off the Bridge] – some links to some great posts!  And frau sally benz was nice enough to break them up into categories.  Make sure to check them out!

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner [Shakesville] – I love Dirty Dancing, and so does Melissa!  See what Melissa has to say about the movie that was about “class, feminism, sex, rape and abortion.”

Choices: Childless, Childfree, and Why Distinctions Are Important [this ain’t livin’] – What it means to choose to be childfree.  Also useful in looking at reactions to my piece on Bones last week.

Racism? What Racism? [Jezebel] – after Jimmy Carter blamed racism for animosity towards President Obama, there was a lot of denying from both Republicans and Democrats.

Domestic violence as a “preexisting condition” [Equal Writes] – insurance companies in 8 states and the District of Columbia apparently think that being a victim of domestic violence is a “preexisting condition” and therefore refuse to provide coverage.