Fighting with the Sky

Isn’t that really an undergrad problem?

Posted on: December 13, 2010

Trigger warning.

Earlier this semester, the sexual assault organization that I am an intern at was holding volunteer training at the university that I attend.  The volunteer was being held in the law school (it’s not a part of the law school, we were just holding it there for the space).  While setting up, one of the other interns started talking to a law student who had come out of a classroom and inquired about what was going on.  Then this law student asked, “isn’t rape more of an undergrad problem?”

He tried to explain this as undergrad go to parties and get too drunk, which then of course leads to sexual assault and of course this never happens in law school.

But no, sexual assault is not something that only happens in college and only to undergrads.  It has nothing to do with how much someone drinks or if they go to parties.  Sexual assault can happen to anyone.  That’s not meant to scare you, but just to get you to think about what the rape myths are and why they are actually myths.

And the scary part was that this was a future lawyer who was saying this.  These people are supposed to be defending the laws and seeking justice.  How is anything going to change in our culture if the lawyers are the ones that that promote these rape myths.*

So when you hear people talking like this law student or promoting rape myths, stand up to them.  Question their beliefs.  Provide them with the real information.

*I’m not talking about all lawyers.  Just talking generally about what needs to be done in society.


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