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Wednesday Link Love!

Posted on: March 17, 2010 Telephone: Lady Gaga’s Latest Controversy

Lady Gaga’s new video for Telephone has set of quite the firestorm online. Gaga appeared (pantsless) on my radar about a year ago as I noticed her being ripped apart by women-targeted fashion and gossip blogs, and the occasional feminist blog. Over time, things seemed to improve: she developed a reputation for being subversive, outspoken, gay-friendly, and arguably feminist. Her latest video has put a lot of us back at square one, wondering if we were kidding ourselves, if she’s messing with our heads, if this was just a fluke, if she jumped the shark, or (!!!) if it’s just a (NSFW) music video.

Criss writes: VAGINA!!! TAMPONS!!! VAGINA!!!

The ads are selling tampons — which are things you stick inside your VAGINA — but they are not allowed to say the word “vagina.”

Feministe: Five-Song Feminist Playlist

Jezebel has a Feminist Play List of five feminism-inspired songs, and they pick some good ones. But I know Feministe readers are primo Insufferable Music Snobs, so add your selections in the comments. And maybe the most fun thing about making this list? There are so many more than five songs to choose from. Feminism win.

Viva La Feminista: Book Review: Enlightened Sexism by Susan J. Douglas

Douglas attempts to unveil the contradictions in society, especially pop culture, that allows us, men and women, to believe we live in a post-feminist world but in fact do not. She fails to convince me, despite believing it, due to her contradictory examples.


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