Fighting with the Sky

Lost: Recon

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Oh, Sawyer.  You’re so pretty to look at.  Now, this was a story line that I actually found interesting.  In the flash sideways, Sawyer is a detective with the LAPD and his partner is Miles.  He also goes on a date with Charlotte, who works with Miles’ father at a museum.  He tells Charlotte that he decided to be a cop because he got to a point in his life where he could either be a criminal or a cop.  Was it Jacob pushing Sawyer (who goes by his real name, James Ford, in the flash sideways) to be a criminal?  Did Jacob set the things in motion that made Sawyer choose criminal?  Sawyer is still trying to hunt down the original con man Sawyer, the man who was the reason for his father killing his mother and himself.  At the end, a car crashes into a car with Sawyer and Miles and speeds off.  They catch up to the car, and guess who it was: Kate.

This brings up the issue again that maybe some things are just meant to happen.  Maybe Sawyer and Miles are always meant to work closely together: as detectives in the flash sideways and in the Dharma initiative in the original time line.  And maybe Sawyer and Kate were always meant to have a “tortured love affair”…gag me.  Maybe James Ford Sawyer is always meant to kill con man Sawyer as a form of revenge.

On the island, Flocke sends Sawyer on recon mission to Hydra island to take a look around the plane that brought everyone back to the island.  What he finds there are dead passengers and people with guns that take him to see Charles Whidmore, whose submarine landed there.  Sawyer offers to bring Flocke to Whidmore in exchange for safe passage off of the island for everyone else.  But when Sawyer gets back to Flocke, he tells him all about Whidmore so they can make a plan to surprise him.  But he then tells Kate that they are going to make Flocke and Whidmore fight as a distraction so they can steal the submarine and get off the island…we’ll see how this all works out.

In other news, Claire attacks Kate for taking Aaron and Sayid just sits there and watches.  Flocke pulls Claire off and tells her its inappropriate.  Flocke talks to Kate about how he had a crazy mother which made his childhood difficult and Kate should sympathize because Aaron now has a crazy mother.  This makes me think that Flocke’s mother was on the island with them and went “crazy” in a way similar to Claire and Rousseau.

I always like when Charles Whidmore is in episodes.  I find him interesting because, like most characters, I don’t know what he’s really playing at.  What is his end game?  Why does he want to island so much?  Why is everyone so scared of him?  How does Flocke know Whidmore?

I’m really excited for next week’s episode.  The teaser claims that Richard’s story is going to be told.  I’ll believe that when I see it, but it should be interesting enough to see a little bit about Richard’s past.

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