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Lost: Dr. Linus

Posted on: March 10, 2010

Oh, Ben.  I’ve never really been that interested by Ben and this episode didn’t really make me any more interested in him.

In the flash sideways, we see Ben as a high school European History teacher.  We knew this already when we saw Locke’s flash sideways when he was a substitute teacher at that school…and we saw him again in this episode.  Locke tried to convince an unhappy Ben that he should be principal of the school because he obviously cares about the school and the students.  And guess who one of those students is!  Alex, Rousseau’s daughter that he claimed as his own on the island.  Ben is also caring for his elderly father.  In that scene we learn that his father still was a part of the Dharma initiative but they had decided to leave the island, obviously before it was blown up.  Ben’s father seems to think that Ben’s life would have been better if they had stayed on the island.  That’s debatable.

Back on the island, Ilana finds out that Ben is the one that killed Jacob and gets really pissed.  She ties Ben to a tree and makes him dig his own grave.  We find out that Ilana was either tasked by Jacob or believes she was tasked by Jacob to protect the candidates to replace him…we’ll see how that comes in later.  Jack and Hurley are making their way back to the Temple when they run into Richard.  Hurley gets really confused by Richard not aging.  Richard kind of explains this phenomenon as a “gift from Jacob.”  Richard wants to die, but he can’t kill himself so he asks Jack to do it for him, who surprisingly agrees.  But don’t worry, it wouldn’t be Jack if there wasn’t an ulterior motive.  Jack believes that because Jacob picked him and has been watching him since childhood that he can’t die, or something like that.  And he doesn’t, the dynamite doesn’t explode.

As Ben is digging his own grave, Flocke comes to visit.  Flocke tells Ben that he wants him to take over the island when Flocke and his merry band of followers leave the island and unties Ben from the tree.  Ben obviously thinks this is a good idea as he runs away.  When Ilana catches up to him, he gives a sappy speech about how he lost Alex and Jacob didn’t care.  Ben thinks that Flocke is the only one that will have him, but Ilana is obviously moved by his speech because she tells him that she will take him and walks away.  Ben realizes that people do like him and follows her back to the beach where that group also meets up with Jack, Hurley, and Richard.

And the big shocker at the end: there’s a submarine off the coast of the island that has none other than Charles Whidmore on board.  I was wondering when he was going to show up again.

I didn’t think this episode was bad, but it didn’t really impress me that much.  It was all about Ben complaining about not being appreciated by anyone.  In the flash sideways he has a PhD in European History and is teaching high school at a school where the principal dislikes him and threatens his students.  On the island, Jacob doesn’t care that Alex was killed (even though it was Ben’s fault) and Ilana is ready to kill him for killing Jacob.  No one wants him around.  Oh, poor Ben.  Maybe if you actually made the effort to be a good person more often, people would want you around.  Ben just felt very complaining throughout the whole episode, which did not endear me to his character any more.

I did like that the show actually talked about the fact that Richard doesn’t age and gave *some* answers to why that is.  I also liked that they explained why Ben was in the flash sideways.  He would have been on the island when it exploded, but according to his father, they left the Dharma initiative before that ever happened.

And Charles Whidmore.  Now there’s a character that I find interesting.  Not that I like the character, I just find him interesting.  Are we finally going to get to learn what his endgame is?  Why is he back at the island?  Where does he want to go on the island?  Are we going to get to see Penny and Desmond again?

Oh, Lost.  You excite me yet frustrate me at the same time.  You have (sometimes) interesting story lines but don’t answer the questions that I want answered.  Only 10 episodes left now (I think).  What is actually going to get answered and what are we going to be left hanging with?

*Note: I found the picture in this post and really like it.  The Lost cast in Last Supper-esque posing with Locke/Flocke as Jesus.  Great.

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1 Response to "Lost: Dr. Linus"

So I was behind on Lost, but caught up, so this is a late response to your post. But I wanted to say that I interpreted Ben’s discussion with his elderly father to mean that his dad regretted going to the island in the first place. Which would imply that the island ruined Ben’s life in both timelines. And in both he is always striving to be respected as a leader and is always mocked and belittled. I actually did start to feel a little bad for him while he was digging his own grave. That was a weird feeling.

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