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Lost: Sundown

Posted on: March 3, 2010

This week’s episode of Lost was Sayid-centric, which made me happy as Sayid is one of the more interesting characters.

Let’s start off with the flash sideways this time.  In the flash sideways we learn that Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother, Omar.  But it is obvious that Sayid and Nadia have feelings for each other.  At one point we learn that Sayid actually pushed Nadia towards his brother instead of himself despite their feelings.  This makes me think that the reason Sayid did not end up on this island in this timeline is because he didn’t lose Nadia; that losing Nadia is what pushes Sayid (or makes him make the choices) towards the island.

It turns out that Omar borrowed money from some bad men.  These bad men put Omar in the hospital (Jack’s hospital, to be exact, as we see him in the hallway).  They pick up Sayid but Sayid is able to overpower them.  Then Sayid discovers that these men have Jin locked away in a storage room.  So in the flash sideways, we have seen Sayid’s connection to both Jack and Jin.

On the island, Dogen believes that Sayid should be dead and banishes him from the temple.  But just as Sayid is about to leave, Claire shows up to tell Dogen that “he wants to see you.”  Dogen sends Sayid instead as “him” (Flocke) will kill Dogen if he leaves the temple.  Dogen wants Sayid to kill Flocke but Sayid cannot let Flocke speak to him as then it will be “too late.”  Unfortunately Flocke says “hi”.  Sayid stabs him, but it has no effect.  Sayid returns to the temple with a message from Flocke: now that Jacob is dead, they don’t have to stay at the temple anymore, they are free to leave.  If they want to leave the island with Flocke, they have to meet him in the jungle before sundown and everyone who doesn’t meet him will be killed.

Mass panic ensues.  But Sayid has one more task.  He kills Dogen at sundown.  Dogen’s assistant person runs in screaming about how Dogen was the only thing keeping “him” out.  Smokey then terrorizes the temple, killing everything in its wake.  Claire and Kate are able to hide in the hole that the Others are keeping Claire in.  And Miles, Sun, and the others with Sun are able to escape through the secret passage that Jack and Hurley left through.  After all is said and done, Sayid leaves to meet up with Flocke along with Claire and Kate and they head off into the jungle.

In both timelines we see Sayid resorting to violence — he is going back to his old ways as a torturer in the Iraqi army.  Is this supposed to tell us that we can never really change?  Sayid is always going to be the violent, torturer in some way or another, no matter how hard he tries to deny it.

And I think this episode showed us a little more of how the flash sideways is working.  We saw that Sayid was still a tortured in the Iraqi army.  But that his life with Nadia never really existed.  Something in one of the timelines went wrong.  The question that I have is which timeline is it that went wrong?  Were they meant to be on the island and the flash sideways life shows how their “wrong decisions” made their lives go wrong and not end up on the island?  Or were they never meant to crash but their life went wrong when the ended up on the island?  My guess is that it is the first one, but you never really know what Lost is going to throw at you.  And I know I mention this every week, but I really want to know how the flash sideways is going to work out in the end.  Everyone’s flash sideways shows that their lives are in some way connected to the other people on the island even though they aren’t on the island.  Are they doing to start to realize that something isn’t right?  Are they going to start to remember things from the island?

So not only was this episode Sayid-centric, it did not have any awkward scenes between Jack and/or Kate and/or Sawyer — that just makes it all better.

But I have now developed a new theory as to the Man in Black (aka Flocke).  This may be a theory that others have expressed before, but I just came to it.  I think that the previous incarnation of the Man in Black was Christian Shepard.  This is why Claire was so willing to trust him when she ran off into the jungle.  And both Christian and Locke were dead upon arrival at the island, allowing the Man in Black to take their forms.

And then I just have some remaining questions at the end of this post…

What was the significance of the baseball that fell off the table and stopped the fight between Dogen and Sayid?  And then Dogen was holding it at the end when Sayid killed him.  Dogen told the story about how his son used to play baseball.  Is that how it all fits in?  But then why did it stop the fight between them?

Also, what’s so special about Dogen?  Why is he the one that is protecting the temple?  Most people thought that Jacob was protecting the temple from Smokey (based on Sayid’s message that now that Jacob’s dead they are free to leave), but it was really Dogen’s life that was protecting the temple.  Why?  What is so special about him?  But now he’s dead, so I don’t know if I will ever find out.

And finally, what’s Claire going to do now that she knows that Kate took Aaron?  She previously said that she would kill her.  And when Kate told her that she had Aaron, Claire looked pissed!  So what’s going to happen between them?

As meloukhia points out (who’s post you all should read as well), the season is officially one third over.  There’s not a lot left to Lost as a series.  How are they going to wrap everything up?  Or are they not going to and just leave us all hanging?  that is a distinct possibility.

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your question about why the baseball stopped dogen from killing sayid…dogen tells the story about howhis son playing baseball, as you mentioned. dogen then says how he killed his son in a car accident. i think the baseball reminded him of his son’s death, and so he changed his mind about killing someone else.

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