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I'm so over Taylor Swift

Posted on: March 1, 2010

I used to sing along when Taylor Swift came on the radio.  Then “Fifteen” happened.

Now she has a new song out called “Today was a Fairytale.”  It makes me gag every time it comes on the radio.  Within the first three lines there is some major gender stereotyping:

Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress

Really?  Do we really have to implant the idea in teenagers that all women are in need of “rescuing” by men?  Is this necessary?  It’s not romantic, it’s just telling us that women can’t take care of themselves and need a man to rescue them from themselves.  And that’s only the first three lines!

And…next stanza:

Today was a fairytale
I wore a dress
You wore a dark gray tshirt

Because all women have to wear dresses in order to be seen as feminine and deserving of love.  The lyrics don’t even really make sense half the time.  Like why is there a line about wearing a dress?  It doesn’t really make sense.  There is also a line that goes: “You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six.”  What?

I really can’t stand Taylor Swift anymore.  I will probably still sing along when “You Belong With Me” comes on the radio, but that’s just because I think that song is catchy.  But everything else about her and by her has just become obnoxious to me.

She only sings about relationships with boys (except for when she mentions that her friend Angela [female] gave “everything she had” [aka her virginity] “to a boy who changed his mind” in “Fiftenn”).  And those relationships are often based on patriarchal gender norms.  And it saddens me that she is so loved by teen girls because she is not setting a good example for them.  Though she is starting to garner some unkind media.

And p.s. her acting debut in Valentine’s Day was also really annoying.  It could have been a good character, but Swift just completely overacted it to the point that it was painful to watch the scenes that she was in.  Just thought I’d throw that out there.


1 Response to "I'm so over Taylor Swift"

Haha, I am so with you on this one. The first album was cute. Now it’s just disturbing and she comes across as so powerless.

I love your blog!

Come visit me sometime at It’s Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are!


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