Fighting with the Sky

Lost: Lighthouse

Posted on: February 24, 2010

Can we first just look at the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly?  Why is Jack protecting Claire?  Claire obviously doesn’t need protection.  But I guess Jack always needs to be the protector.  Big, strong Jack.  And why are they the only two on the cover?

Ok, anyways…

This week’s episode focused on Jack in the flash sideways and story lines alternating between Jack/Hurley and Claire/Jin.  (I guess the cover fits in that way, but I still don’t really like it.)  In the flash sideways, Jack is still looking for the lost coffin of his father and for his fathers will.  His mother finds the will and, guess what, Claire is in the will, but no one knows who she is!  Yay, potential reunion between Jack and Claire in the flash sideways!

Also, Jack has a son!  What?  Who is the mother?  Her name is never mentioned.  Is is Sarah, Jack’s ex-wife from the other timeline?  Or is it a completely different woman?  And it seems that Jack has a very similar relationship with his son that he had with his father, but he doesn’t want that and he doesn’t know why he has that.  But don’t worry, by the end of the episode, there was a touching moment between them.

On the island, Hurley is visited by Jacob again, who has another mission for him.  This time he has to get Jack to come with him to a lighthouse.  He convinces Jack to go by saying that Jacob said that “he has what it takes.”  This gets Jack’s attention as is paralleled in the flash sideways where Jack talks about how his father always told him that he didn’t have what it takes.  At the lighthouse, they discover a contraption similar to an old-fashioned lighthouse light.  Each degree has a name with it (some are crossed off) like in the cave that Flocke (Man in Black Locke, I’m liking this name for him) took Sawyer too.  When the mirrors are set to a certain degree/name, the mirror displays images of those people’s lives.  This is how Jacob watched everyone and influenced their decisions which led them to the island.  Jacob wanted Jack to see this so that Jack understood that he was important and had a job to do on the island.  But Jack has to figure out what this job is on his own.

Jacob also tells Hurley that he wanted to get both him and Jack away from the temple because something bad was coming there.  Could this be Flocke?  Is Jacob scared that Flocke is going to hurt/kill everyone at the temple?  Or turn everyone at the temple against Jacob?  Who knows…

Claire rescues Jin from one of her bear traps.  Now, remember, the Others think that she has been possessed by a darkness.  Claire thinks that the Others have Aaron and she wants Aaron back.  She talks about how both her father and her “friend” have told her that the Others have Aaron.  In order to save one of the Others, Jin tells Claire that Kate took Aaron off the island and he is now three years old.  Claire kills the Other anyways and Jin tells her that he was lying — that the Others really do have Aaron.

Why?  Why is Jin telling her this?  Why does Jin want to break Claire back into the temple?  What is the end game?  At the end, Flocke walks into Claire’s camp.  Jin calls him “John” but Claire corrects him, saying, “That’s not John, that’s my friend” (to which she referenced earlier).  So has the Man in Black had the form of Locke for a while now?  He was off the island for three years so there was no danger of Locke running into Flocke is Flocke was running around the island helping Claire.

I really hate the relationship between Jack and Kate.  We see them together for about a minute this episode when they run into each other in the jungle.  And it’s always just so awkward and forced.  I don’t know if it’s the acting or the characters, but I really can’t stand them together.  And the fact that Jack always has to act as the protector, especially around Kate.  Grrrr.

I’m excited to see more of Claire.  I have missed her in the series and I really want to know what the end games of Jin and Flocke are.  I wonder if the same thing that happened to Rousseau in the jungle is what happened to Claire.  There are definite similarities between them.  They have similar physical looks in terms of hair and clothes style.  They both use bear traps in the jungle.  They both think that the Others have their babies (in Rousseau’s case, this was true, but not in Claire’s).  I wonder what other similarities we are going to see brought up.

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