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Lost: The Substitute

Posted on: February 17, 2010

This week’s episode of Lost was focusing on Locke…or the guy that looks like Locke.  I have to be honest, I wasn’t as enthralled with this episode as normal, but some interesting stuff did happen.

In the flash sideways, Locke is still in a wheelchair and he is still trying to deal with how people treat him now that he is in said wheelchair.  He is constantly getting mad at people for telling him that he can’t do things.  I would also be pretty upset if people kept telling me that I couldn’t do things.  In this flash sideways he meets Hurley (who still has all his lotto money and owns a bunch of companies), Rose (who works at the temp agency that Hurley owns and Locke is trying to get a job through), and Ben (who is a teacher at the school where Locke ends up substituting).

I’m still not fully understanding the flash sideways’.  I get the storyline of them and everything.  But, for example, how is Ben a teacher in L.A. when he was already on the island when the plane originally crashed.  I don’t really understand how that works.  And, knowing the show, they probably won’t fully explain any of this either.

Back on the island, the “new Locke,” as I will refer to him (he is the smoke creature who has been on the island as long as Jacob and there is some sort of connection between the two on them), has found Sawyer and is leading him through the forest in order to show Sawyer the real reason that he is on the island.  They find their way to a cave on the side of a cliff where there are a bunch of names crossed out all over the inside of the cave.  Some of the names, however, are not crossed off.  All of these names are people who were in the place crash: Jack, Locke, Jin or Sun (it was only their last name so it’s unclear which one it is), Hurley, and Sawyer.  The “new Locke” explains that Jacob wrote all these names down as candidates…to be protectors of the island.

Now that Jacob, the previous protector of the island, is dead, his job is open.  The “new Locke” explains to that Sawyer has three choices: he can do nothing, he can take the job, or he can leave the island.  The “new Locke” does not believe that the island needs a protector…it is just an island after all.  So he convinces Sawyer that the best decision is to just leave the island.  I think that this is because whatever is taking the form of Locke needs one of these candidates in order to leave the island.  He previously explained that he was trapped (on the island presumably), and there is some sort of mystical, ancient force that connects this creature with Jacob.  There are rules surrounding this connection, as in they cannot directly kill each other, and maybe the only way that he can get off the island is if Jacob dies and one of the candidates doesn’t take the job and then decides to leave the island.

It is interesting to see the connections between the events on the island and the flash sideways’.  In the flash sideways, Locke is telling people “you can’t tell me what I can’t do,” as he did when he tried to go on the walkabout as well.  In the forest on the island, Locke runs after this mysterious boy who tells him that “you can’t just kill him” and “new Locke” proclaims “you can’t tell me what I can’t do.”  It seems as if both Locke’s are constantly trying to prove themselves to others and to themselves…they need to push the limits of what they are “allowed” to do.

And, just one last thing…where is Claire.  You can’t just drop a bomb like Claire showing up at the end of last episode and then not even address it in this episode.  Yes, I know that that is what Lost does, but it’s still frustrating.  Hopefully she will be back next episode.

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1 Response to "Lost: The Substitute"

I think, with Ben etc. showing up in the sideways, you’re forgetting that not only did the plane not crash, but nothing that happened because of the magnetism stuff is supposed to have happened. So Ben wasn’t born on the island, he was born in the regular world.

I don’t quite get it either, but not having the Accident had a huge impact on everything and on who ended up there and who didn’t. It’s not just the plane.

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