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Posted on: February 14, 2010

Professor, What If…?: What if this season men-of-color get to rule the island? (Hypermasculinity and its ‘Others’ on Lost)

Lost provides particularly fertile ground for an analysis of desirable masculinity through both its ‘hypermasculine’ traditionally attractive male characters (Jack and Sawyer) and the many ‘others’ that the show, via various means, codifies as ‘hot.’’s Women’s Rights Blog: Call Them Writers, Not “Women Writers”

Messud points out that defining an artist’s work by gender inherently limits and narrows the scope of the work, pigeonholing it into an arbitrary category. I’d add that specifying the gender of female writers (we never have to do that with men, do we?) ensures that “women writers” will always be a subcategory of the basic, broader category “writers,” which is by default male. Women’s work automatically gets shoved into a gender-shaped box, while men’s work is simply literature.

Shakesville: Have You Been Automatically Opted-In to Google Buzz?

This automatic opt-in has caused some trouble for users. Dr. Isis warns her pseudonymous readers that she can see their real names, and Harriet Jacobs of Fugitivus is pretty angry about getting automatically opted-in to Google Buzz.

Equal Rights: Young women: Let’s talk about WHY we’re pro-choice

I don’t think the solution to ensuring Roe’s guarantee of legal abortion in the face of a growing pro-life movement is to admonish young feminists for being lazy. Our generation has been able to take this right for granted. Now that access to legal abortion is being threatened, we will need to learn how to persuasively articulate why we feel legal abortion should be a right, just as the feminists who came before us did.

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