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Lost: What Kate Does

Posted on: February 10, 2010

So much happens in one episode of Lost I don’t know where to begin.  The others that captured everyone at the temple seems to really really want to keep everyone at the temple.  When Sawyer stages a coup and leaves the temple, they get Kate and Jin to go looking for him because he apparently needs to come back.  The others claim that they are trying to protect our pack of plane crashers from the black smoke.  But I can’t quite figure it out.  Are they really trying to protect everyone from something outside the temple groups…or are they trying to keep everyone at the temple for their own personal reasons?

The others seem to have a special interest in Sayid and not necessarily because he came back to life.  First they take him and torture him.  Then they tell Jack that it was a diagnostic tool and they believe that he is “infected” and give Jack a pill to give to Sayid to cure him.  Jack calls their bluff and takes the pill himself.  Turns out it’s poison.  The others believe that Sayid has been “claimed” — that a darkness is inside of him, spreading, and when it reaches his heart, he will no longer be the same Sayid that we know and love.  Jack asks how they know this.  Their respons: “because the same thing happened to your sister.”

Ahh!  Claire!  Will Jack and Claire finally find out that they are in fact half-siblings?  Will it be a tearful reunion?  Somehow I doubt that one…

But what is this darkness that overtook Claire and is threatening to do the same to Sayid?  Does it have something to do with Christian Shepherd, whom Claire was last seen with?  Or something to do with the black smoke/Locke look-a-like?  Ah, questions, questions.  And how did the others find out that Sayid was “claimed” by torturing him?  What did that prove?

And speaking of Claire…in the non-plane crash world adventures, Kate is on the run from the police (again) and she hijacks a cab that Claire is in, threatening Claire at gunpoint.  Kate leaves a very pregnant Claire on the side of the road.  But when Kate finds all the baby things in Claire’s luggage, she goes back for her.  Kate takes Claire to see the family that was going to adopt Aaron, though they have now backed out.  The stress causes Claire to think that she is going into labor so Kate rushes her to the hospital.  And who happens to be Claire’s doctor at the hospital.  I know, I thought it was going to be Jack too, even though Jack is a spinal surgeon.  But no…it’s ETHAN!  How is Ethan there?  And why is he Claire’s doctor?  Ethan was not on a plane, he was an Other who was already on the island.  So why is he there.

There were strange things throughout the episode that made me think that in the non-crash world, the “survivors” still subconsciously remember the plane crash and each other.  Ethan was one of those instances.  Another one was when Claire mentioned her unborn baby’s name: Aaron.  Kate definitely recognized the name…and I think in connection to Claire’s baby.

And again, speaking of Claire.  Guess who shows up on the island at the end of the episode with a gun and looking all ragged…that’s right, Claire!  I’m really excited to see Claire back in the story lines.  I was enjoying her off-island, non-crash world story line, but I was even more excited to see her back on the island.  I’ve always been drawn to Claire as a character and I’m really interested to see what she’s been up to since she abandoned Aaron in the forest.  I think Claire is a great example of one of the strong women that has been on Lost, and then removed from the show in some way or another.  But now she’s back!!

For a surprisingly Kate-centric episode, I was not that annoyed.  I mentioned last week that Kate has not always been one of my favorite characters.  I can find her incredibly whiny sometimes, especially when it comes to Jack and Sawyer.  But I actually kind of liked her in this episode…but really only in the non-crash world segments.  In her on-island segments, there was still, vaguely some love triangle tension which really bothered me.  But off island, she was kind of kick-ass and really ended up helping out Claire, whom she didn’t even know.  But I suspect that she felt some sort of connection to Claire which is why she helped her out so much.

I am also really interested in the character of the leader of this group of Others.  He uses a translator even though he speaks English.  When Jack asks him about this, he responds: “I have to remain separate from the people I’m in charge of” so that they more easily accept his decisions that they don’t agree with.  And he’s just this generally mysterious character that I really want to figure out…

At first, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this parallel reality storyline with everyone on the island and then also the non-plane crash world.  But this episode was actually really interesting and left me with a lot of questions both about what’s happening on the island and in the non-crash world.  I really want to see how the non-crash world story lines play out — if they will end up remembering?  If the parallel realities will somehow end up colliding?  If the people on the island need their alternate selves off the island for something…or vice versa?

I really like episodes of Lost that leave me frustrated with a lot of questions.  Lost is one of the few shows that I can handle this for.  And this episode shows exactly why.  It kind of answered some questions but left us with a lot more…and left us with hope that we will soon find out that answers, even though we all know that it will probably be a long time, if ever, that we get the answers that we want…


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not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet but jack already knows claire is his half sister.

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