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Lost is upon us

Posted on: February 1, 2010

How many Lost fans are there out there?  I was thinking of doing weekly Lost recaps/analysis.  I would of course be doing feminist analysis where needed, but these posts would be more about working out the confusion that is Lost.  Would people appreciate a weekly Lost post trying to figure out the answers to the Lost questions?  I have a feeling that this would be a lot of work, as Lost is super-confusing, at least to me, and lots of things happen in each episode.  But I would pretty much be doing this in my own head anyways, so it would probably make more sense to me if I tried to work through everything in writing.

So basically, is anyone out there interested in weekly Lost posts?

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5 Responses to "Lost is upon us"

I’m quite the Lostie myself and loved your Dollhouse recaps – it would be great to see what you do with Lost!

Yeah, I like lost too!

I think that would be great! Lost is certainly confusing and ripe for feminist analysis as well.

Sure! We’re doing them too, and I work best when I have stuff to riff off of. 🙂

Yes, more feminist analysis of Lost is needed in the fem-blogosphere!I have a Lost post going up at Girl with Pen this Thursday and others planned for my monstrous musings column at womanist musings. I look forward to reading your analysis!

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