Fighting with the Sky

Bones: The X in the File

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Bones is back!  This week’s episode revolved around the case of a murdered UFO chaser and was full of alien speculation.  The storyline outside of the case was mainly about Angela and Wendell.  As we saw a while back, Angela and Wendell were starting a relationship, which they have now delved into deeper, yet they are still keeping it a secret…or so they think.  But throughout the episode, they have to tell Hodgins about their relationship, which is sufficiently awkwards and makes Hodgins realize that he is still in love with Angela.

Ok, so while I think Angela and Wendell are cute together, I have some major problems with their relationship and the storyline around their relationship.  First of all, I think Wendell is too young/immature for Angela.  He just seems like this cute little puppy that Angela is playing with.  This is most clearly demonstrated in a scene when Angela and Wendell are out to lunch with Hodgins.  Hodgins makes coments about how they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable around them and they can hold hands, etc.  So Wendell randomly kisses Angela, which she was not prepared for and did not appreciate.  I did like that she made the comment that she didn’t like being kissed when it wasn’t about her.  I thought that was a good touch.

The second major thing that I have a problem with about this storyline is the way that Sweets talked to Hodgins about it.  Hodgins went to Sweets because he needed advice on how to deal with his feelings about Angela and Wendell.  Sweets tells Hodgins that it sometimes feels like it’s ok to feel lonely when the object of your grieving is also lonely.  So, now that Angela is in a relationship, Hodgins is starting to feel lonely again and grieving over their lost relationship.  Ok, this makes sense to some extent.  But did everyone just forget that Angela was in a relationship before this…with a woman?  So, she wasn’t lonley for a good portion of time between her relationship with Hodgins and her relationship with Wendell.  It just seemed to me like they didn’t take Angela’s relationship with the woman (I’m sorry, I don’t remember her name) seriously…like it wasn’t a real relationship, so Hodgins didn’t need to feel upset about it.  Why not just address what the real problem is…that she’s in a relationship with Wendell, Hodgin’s friend.

Then there was the representation of people who believe in UFO’s as “crazy,” “idiots,” and “morons.”  While I may not believe in UFO’s and I don’t always understand how other people could believe in UFO’s and aliens, I don’t think it’s completely appropriate to use ableist language in describing them.  Brennan makes a comment at the end about a man being a moron, “figuratively, not literally,” because “it’s exciting to use insulting colloquialisms even when they aren’t accurate.”  This is just basically a round about way of saying that she’s using ableist language and likes it.  But Bones doesn’t always have the best track record with ableism and representing disabilities.

Well, anyways, as I hear, we have some “great” (depending on who you are and what you like about the show) situations to look forward to between Booth and Brennan and the rest of the season progresses.  If you’ve read any of my other reviews of Bones, you know how I feel about this storyline.


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