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Dollhouse: Getting Closer

Posted on: January 8, 2010

Dollhouse is back this week with the start of the final three episodes of the series and some majro things happened this episode.  We learn how Caroline and Bennett (guest star Summer Glau) first met and became friends, Dr. Saunders has come back to the dollhouse (it tunrs out she has been shacking up with Boyd for the last two months), and we learn the identity of the leader of Rossum (this is where the hating of cliffhangers comes in).

As you may have guessed, Summer Glau has reprised her role as DC programmer Bennett, ex-friend of Caroline and love interest of Topher.  They need Beennett to reconstruct Caroline’s original personality which has been destroyed.  Caroline is, of course, the only person who has seen the leader of Rossum and “lived” to tell the tale, so they need that information to bring Rossum down.  Now that Dr. Saunders is back, some things seem to be tense.  Then she goes and shoots Bennet after giving a speech about how she is surprised that Topher can love another human being.  It is assumed by everyone that Rossum got to her while she was away from the dollhouse.

dollhouse_ep2_harrylennixAnd that assumption is not surprising when we get to the end of the episode.  At the very end of the episode we see the face of the leader of Rossum.  There are two men in the room.  One we’ve never seen and … Boyd.  So if Boyd is not the leader of Rossum (which we can assume that he is), he is at least lying about his involvement with Rossum.

Why does Boyd need Caroline?  What is his endgame?  Does Dr. Saunders know who he really is?  What is her involvement with Rossum?  What whill happen when Caroline comes back?

They are obvioulsy building up to the world that we saw in “Epitaph One.”  In fact, there was even a scene in this episode that was in “Epitaph One” — the one between Boyd and Dr. Saunders when Boyd is runnng away from the dollhouse, which was nwo know he was not intending to do.  And everyone is getting closer to being trapped in the dollhouse.  Sierra and Victor have their original personalities.  Etc, etc.

One of the major questions that came up throughout the episode was what happens to Echo if she is imprinted with Caroline.  I think this is a pretty legitimate quetion especially considering the trajectory of the show.  The show has put a lot of effort into creating Echo into a “real” person.  We have been forced to question what makes pershonhood and if Echo is a real person even if she started out as Caroline.  The show has obviously been telling us, especially in the past coupel episodes, that Echo is in fact a person.  So will Caroline be absorbed into Echo’s personalities or will Caroline take over and cease Echo’s existence?  I guess we will find out in the next episode.  My guess is that Caroline will just be absorbed into Echo.

Oh, and now that Ballard has had his brain rewired and is a doll in order to keep him alive, he doesn’t remember his connection with Echo.  He has all the memories but none of the feelings associated with them.  I don’t really know if this will be important but it could be.

I really wnat to know what Boyd is up to and if he is really the evil leader of Rossum!  This is why I sometimes hate cliffhangers (especially Joss’ cliffhangers)!  They just dropped this bomb on us and then we have to wait a whole week to get some sort of answers.  But this is just how it works I guess.  Joss also has a tendency to build up characters into these people that we like and have a connection with and then rip that away by making them out to be this completely different person who may or may not be evil.


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Hey, thanks for the link to my SLAT drinking game!

I hope this doesn’t come across as too blog-pimping, but I was in the play Rossum’s Universal Robots when I was in college, so I wrote about the themes of the play and my speculations for Dollhouse based on it.

Rossum’s Universal Robots

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