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Posted on: January 7, 2010

Gender Across Borders: The 11th Carnival of Feminists – Global Edition!

Welcome to the 11th Carnival of Feminists! Gender Across Borders is proud to present a Global Edition of the Carnival. We want to thank everyone who submitted posts to this Carnival, and we hope you enjoy reading all of the excellent posts linked below!

this ain’t livin’: Beyond the Binary: Meeting People

For nonbinaries, it’s a strange place to navigate. Because people gender automatically, there’s no space to provide correct information about gender. And this means that, for the most part, we are misgendered from the start when we meet by people who fit us into a binary slot based on names, appearances, ways of movement, and so forth.

Genderbitch: The Day My Hope for Feminism Died

One of the worst transphobic haters in feminist history died in 2010. Mary Daly. I’m not one that gets pleasure out of people dying and I don’t find her death to be a good thing. I would much prefer if people like her stopped hating, recanted their statements and worked on our behalf to try to make amends for those they killed through their words enforcing the exclusion of us from jobs, rape shelters and attempting to deny us what we need to survive.

Small Strokes: Teaching Feminism and Body Image: What Are Commercials Really Selling?

To me, this commercial is clearly “selling” Dove’s self esteem workshops, which I think are brilliant and necessary (although, I must admit, I haven’t done much research into them). When I asked my students what this commercial was selling, they instantly said: “Dove soap.”

Swimsuit Issue: Save the Boobies!

Women have been encouraged to update their statuses with the colour of their bra. Why? For breast cancer awareness, that’s why. Apparently telling everybody on your friends list that you’re wearing a red bra, is, like, totally a positive thing.

Except that it’s not. It’s creepy.

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