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Tuesday Link Love!

Posted on: December 29, 2009

I will be having some more time coming up as the holiday retail season is starting to wind down…a little bit…and I will be changing my hours to mainly mornings as I will be taking a class and taking over the newstand at the bookstore I work at (which is a morning job).  Due to all of this, hopefully I will have so more time to dedicate to blogging again.  Yay!  In the meantime, here are some of my favorite posts from the past couple days to keep you busy 😉

Women & Hollywood: It’s Complicated

If you are a Nancy Meyers fan the good news for you is that It’s Complicated will make you happy, but if you have issues with Nancy Meyers and her filmmaking style this one won’t sway you her way. It’s Complicated is pure Nancy Meyers for better or for worse. Meyers gives us another aging white, rich baby boomer woman at a crossroads in her life.

I saw this movie over the weekend and plan on writing a post about it soon, just so you know.

Womanist Musings: Yes Disableism and Fat Hatred Go Hand in Hand

I should have known when I read the title of this post “My Fat Spouse” that somewhere along the line I would be offended. It seems that a man is concerned with his wife’s health due to her weight, after all we have all be taught that fat is a no no. His concern should be for his physical fitness and not for her weight. There certainly aren’t skinny people running around with high cholesterol or any other health problems right? Nope, only the lazy food addicted fatties. To be fair, he was careful to state that he did not want to shame her about her size and so I will give him credit because the usual approach is to make someone feel undesirable because of weight.

this ain’t livin’: Excellent Ladies of the Small Screen

I’ve always had a contentious attitude with a lot of female characters. I didn’t like most women on television, and thought long and hard about why that was, and realized that it’s because they are horribly written and dreadfully portrayed. Women are all overemotional. Or have untreated mental illness. Are domineering, manipulative, and controlling. Are so sex-hungry that they will do anything for teh cock. Etc. Standout female characters are hard to find.

Professor What If…?: What if strong, successful females were not cast as domineering bitches? A review of The Proposal

To be successful, the movie indicates, Bullock’s character (Margaret Tate) has become a cold-hearted control freak whose employees fear and loathe her in equal quantity. Of course she is single, family less, and friendless because women who care about their career obviously can’t care about anything else.

Also see my review of The Proposal from this past summer (one of the first posts that I wrote!).

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