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Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe/A Love Supreme

Posted on: December 12, 2009

Ok, so this week I’m going to forego a summary and much of analysis because right now I really need to vent.  Some of you might be upset about that, but you can leave your analysis of the episode(s) in the comments.

I don’t know if it’s because I watched these episodes after a long day of work when I was tired and cranky, but I just did not really enjoy these episodes.  I mean, they were entertaining enough, but they weren’t really up to the calibre of some of the previous episodes.

I really didn’t like that they did the time jump into 3 months later.  It just felt kind of forced and I didn’t really understand what was going on — in a bad way.  In “Epitaph One,” they jumped into the future, but they did it in a good way.  It was entertaining and it left a lot of questions that would be answered in the time to come.  It showed us what was going to be and left us to guess how they were going to get there.  These episodes just jumped forward without much of an explanation.

I do have to say that the second hour/episode was much better than the first — but I think that’s pretty much because Alan Tudyk was back as Alpha.  I love Alan Tudyk and I think he does an amazing job in this role, so I was really happy to see him pop up again.

I was just not impressed with these episodes.  I’m still looking forward to how Joss Whedon is going to go about ending this series.  I’m hoping that they will actually wrap some things up since they know it will be the last episode instead of leaving a bunch of things opened ended…like has happened before (cough…Firefly…cough — but I guess they did have Serenity after that).  Does anyone know when the end is coming?

I also think that they are trying to do so much with these last few episodes and fit in a bunch of guest roles (Summer Glau and Alan Tudyk, for example) that the stories are kind of losing some of their substance.  It’s less critical and thought-provoking and more in-your-face than it used to be (or maybe that’s just me).  I would think that Joss Whedon wouldn’t care what Fox thought anymore now that Dollhouse has officially been cancelled so he would have done things more his way.  Or maybe he is doing things his way and it’s just not that great for me.  Who knows.

What did everyone else think of the episodes this week?

1 Response to "Dollhouse: Meet Jane Doe/A Love Supreme"

I felt like I was re-watching previous Whedon shows, honestly. I keep going “wait, haven’t I seen this before?” Shades of sesason six Buffy and season five Angel. My reaction was so apathetic that I didn’t even bother doing a writeup this week (or last week).

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