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Glee: Sectionals

Posted on: December 10, 2009

00029162It’s sectionals time in the Glee world.  As already discussed, they are up against the reform school for girls and the deaf school (I’ve already talked about this pretty in depth, so I’m not going to go into it again).  But, as we already knew, Sue had leaked the set lists to the competing schools, so they performed the numbers that our glee club was supposed to, leaving them with nothing to perform and an hour to come up with something (these numbers included that reform school girls performing “Proud Mary” in wheelchairs).  Of course they pulled it off and won.  I mean, were we really expecting them to lose?

In the side stories, Emma takes the kids to sectionals, moving her wedding to Ken back a couple hours.  But that’s the last straw for Ken, and he leaves her at the alter.  Emma then quits her job at the school because she couldn’t stand to see Will or Ken around the school.  Rachel tells Finn about her suspisions about Quinn and Puck (all the secrects seem to be coming out).  Terry’s trying to work on her issues and take responsibility for lying about the baby by going to a therapist, but Will doesn’t want to hear any of it.  While the kids sing “My Life Would Suck Without You” (I hate that song) to him because he had to miss sectionals, he realizes that he’s in love with Emma and runs after her, where they share a kiss.  And the principal finds out that Sue leaked the set lists so fires her from the Cheerios and suspends her from school (does she have a job other than Cheerios coach?).

This episode was filled with all the inspirational crap that the series started off with.  I’m sorry, but maybe I’m just too cynical to take that kind of stuff seriously.  It was all, “we’re facing difficult odds, but we can pull through” and “we can do this because we have each other” stuff.  And there was a line that where they said they could win because “we believe in ourselves and what we’re singing.”  I’m sorry, I just can’t handle that kind of mushy stuff, but that’s just me.

And I probably was not as happy as the audience was supposed to be to see Will and Emma get together in the end.  We all knew that they were building up to this.  And we were supposed to be happy when this happened because they were building Terry up as this evil wife whom Will should have left a long time ago, so it’s ok that he’s in love with another woman.  And I don’t really feel their chemistry all the time, so the ending of the show felt a little forced to me.  And just so we’re all clear, they are also doing the same thing with Finn and Rachel.  They built Quinn up to be a lying girlfriend, so it was ok that Finn was in love with Rachel and now that Finn and Quinn are done, he is free to be with the person he really loves.

And speaking of Emma, I was quite proud of her during this episode (except at the end when she and Will kissed).  At sectionals, she stood up to the other glee club’s supervisors.  She told them off about the lessons that they were teaching their kids — that the only way they could win was by cheating.  And told them that maybe if they would have believed in their kids more, they would have been amazing without cheating.  Then later in the episode, she (briefly) didn’t let the men in her life control it anymore.  After Ken left her, she realized that she couldn’t put herself through the pain of working at that school anymore, so she quit.  And when Will realized that he didn’t want her to leave, she told him that she couldn’t be with him because he just left his wife.  But apparently all that changed when he kissed her.

And did they seriously have to have the reform school girls do “Proud Mary” in wheelchairs?  It would have been just as an effective of a steal if they had done it without the wheelchairs.  I think they were trying to go for funny…that the reform school girls didn’t have anyone in a wheelchair so it was funny that they would do a number in wheelchairs.  But it was bad enough when our glee club did it originally, but to have that school steal it and perform the number when there was no one disabled in their choir, I think that was worse.

I was happy for a while when Mercedes stood up for herself because she wanted to perform the ballad instead of Rachel.  She did a great performance which even Rachel recognized as good and won that honor.  But then the other school performed it, so she gave the ballad back to Rachel, even though Rachel just wanted to find another song for Mercedes to sing.  I was happy for a while because it was a minority character who wasn’t just going to blend into the background.  But then she gave it up to the white girl again, who already gets all the attention from the show.

Well, Glee is done for the fall.  So I guess we’ll have to wait til January (or whenever it comes back on, I’m not really sure) to see how they are going to prepare for regionals.  I wonder what kind of drama they are going to create now that Will knows Terry’s not pregnant and Finn knows Puck is the father.  Maybe they’ll create drama away from pregnancy and making all women look decietful and petty.  I can hope, can’t I?

3 Responses to "Glee: Sectionals"

I too am hopeful that some of the drama can get away from the pregnancy lies and petty women. I mostly really enjoy the show, but sometimes the flaws are glaring and nearly impossible to ignore.

Oh, and I don’t think the show returns until April, or sometime in the spring.

I think this episode really demonstrated how the show was originally pitched as a movie. The story they wanted to tell worked in an hour and a half. But I don’t think it worked in 13 episodes.

“Maybe they’ll create drama away from pregnancy and making all women look decietful and petty. I can hope, can’t I?”

Don’t stop believin’ …

But I doubt it.

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