Fighting with the Sky

Thursday Link Love on Friday

Posted on: December 4, 2009

Again, I am a day late with the link love this week.  But it’s all good.  And it snowed so much last night it finally feels like December!  But it makes me weary of venturing out today because it is still snowing.

The Sexist: Patience is a (Feminist) Virtue

Why are women encouraged to wait around for major life events to just happen to us? Patience, my dear. These relationship milestones have been engineered and reinforced along traditional gender lines in order to test a woman’s ability to shut up and sit pretty, while encouraging men of action to make all the decisions around here. But unfortunately for the patience lobby, us women have figured a few things out over the history of time. One: Our vaginas won’t implode upon completion of premarital sex. Two: Our significant others can still love us without investing two paychecks worth of bling into one of our virtuous little fingers. And three: Waiting does not work. Ever.

Bitch Blogs: Douchebag Decree: Spencer Morgan and the invention of “the Cheetah”

We all know that it’s hilarious to compare women with any trace amount of sexual appetite to cats, right? And we know that a cougar is an older woman who has sex with younger men, and that apparently a puma is a woman in her late twenties who has sex with younger men. Well, apparently there is a new feline/woman hybrid, and she is on “the prowl” to trick drunk men into having sex with her and then entering into a serious relationship. This hybrid is called a cheetah, and apparently she feeds on gross clichés and a poorly-concealed hatred of women.

Broadsheet: Taylor Swift: Pop princess, feminist villan?

I haven’t thought much about Swift, but I’m generally inclined to agree with ladybloggers like Amanda Hess and Sady Doyle, two smart writers in their 20s who have concluded that the 19-year-old’s songs reinforce some not-so-woman-friendly stereotypes in extremely annoying ways. But today, with a typically excellent post about pop culture’s promotion of patience as a girl-powerful virtue, Hess got me wondering — not that she meant to — about whether there might be a legitimate feminist argument in favor of Taylor Swift.

The Undomestic Goddess: Thoughts on Feminist Theory from Margin to Center

I read this book as part of my online book group, Radical Readers and Feminisms for Dummies. While this book, written by bell hooks, was published in 1984, there are still many points that are relevant to what’s happening today.

I didn’t write a review for this month’s book for our book club, so make sure you read this one!

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