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Glee: Mattress

Posted on: December 3, 2009

00029130This week’s episode of Glee is all about the glee club members trying to fit in…still.  Sue gets the principal to take away the glee club’s yearbook picture, which the glee club is surprisingly ok with because a yearbook picture might bring more unwanted, negative attention to them.  Except for Rachel, who desperately wants the yearbook picture.  She ends up getting the glee club a commercial for a local mattress store.  But what they don’t know is that accepting payment for a singing job would get them disqualified from sectionals.  Mr. Shue ends up taking the blame for them so that the team can go to sectionals without him.

The day has come.  We all knew it was around the corner.  In the most dramatic scene that Glee has ever seen, Will finds out that Terry is not actually pregnant.  There was yelling, Will got mad, and Terry looked like an emotional, irrational woman.  I’m really glad that Will has finally found out because the whole Terry-hiding-her-pregnancy-from-Will storyline was probably my least favorite.

This episode did mark a return of the Will/Emma storyline, which I am also not a fan of.  Just thought I’d throw that out there.  Emma also proclaims that she identifies with Terry’s decision to fake a pregnancy because losing Will would just be too hard.  Yet another example of how the show paints women as irrational and out to get the men.  And speaking of that…has anyone else noticed how fickle Rachel’s emotions are?  First she’s into Finn.  Then she’s into Puck.  Then she’s in love with Mr. Shue.  And now she’s back to being in love with Finn.  Because high school girls will fall in love with anyone who gives them any attention, obviously.

Honestly, I didn’t think this episode had a whole lot of storyline outside of Will and Terry’s fight.  But one thing that really stuck out to me was the performance for the mattress commercial of “Jump.”  Throughout the entire performance, everyone is jumping around on mattresses…except for Artie.  But how could he, he’s in a wheelchair, right?  Artie was just propped up in a mattress in his wheelchair off in the corner not really doing anything.  And then there was a shot of him laying on a mattress while people jumped around him so that he bounced.  Just another example of Glee portraying people in wheelchairs of not being capable of doing much of anything.  I’m sure they could have worked some better, more active choreography into the number for Artie instead of him sitting there doing nothing and then having people bounce him.

I do have to say, though, that I did really like the Lily Allen song, “Smile.”  I love Lily Allen, so it was great to see one of her songs in the show, even if it did catch me off gaurd.

Sadly, these are really the only comments that I have for this episode.  I just wasn’t that impressed, positively or negatively, by much of anything.

Update: meloukhia brought up a really good point in her review.  I can’t believe I didn’t talk about this originally, I remember being shocked about it when I was watching the episode…I guess I was so shocked that I forgot to write it in my notes.  But I need to bring it up now.  When Will finds out that Terry isn’t actually pregnant, we see him as an abusive husband.  He yells and throws things.  He even grabs her arm quite forcefully and backs her up against the counter with no way of escape.

Ok, yelling I get.  He’s upset.  I yell when I’m upset.  But there’s no reason to be physically or verbally abusive.  What she did was a pretty horrible thing (and I am glad the storyline is over because I hated it), but there’s never an excuse for abuse.  I think this situation could possibly be grounds for divorce, but it would have been nice to see them talk about it rationally and without physical or verbal abuse.  I can even understand Will leaving for a while.  It was probably a good thing to cool down so as to not escalate the level of abuse.  But can we ever see a mature, honest relationship based on communication in Glee?  Apparently not because they can’t even show Will and Terry talking about the situation.

Again, I’m sorry I didn’t include this originally.  MAJOR mistake on my part.


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