Fighting with the Sky

Tuesday Link Love!

Posted on: November 24, 2009

It’s almost Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) everyone!  Which means great food and a crazy day at work the next day!  Before we get into some of my favorite posts of the past couple days, take a look at Sarah Haskins’ most recent Target Women video (and don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing/reading in the comments):

FWD/Forward: On Language, Again

There are a couple of themes which seem to come up over and over again in the comment threads on posts in the Ableist Word Profile series, and I’d like to break them down a bit, because I would rather not see them come up in the future.

* “I don’t use this word this way, so it’s not bad.”
* “You can’t tell me what language I can and can’t use.”
* “But it’s not used in that sense anymore, so it’s ok.”/”You’re focusing too much on the origins of the word, not the modern usage.”
* “I’ve never heard this word used this way.”/”In another language, this word doesn’t mean this.”
* “Are you telling me that I’m lacking in intelligence because I didn’t know about the origins of this word?”
* “My friend with a disability uses this word, so it’s ok.”
* “I don’t agree that this word is ableist.”
* “The feelings of people with disabilities and advocates are not as important as my right to use this word.”
* “The alternatives you suggest just aren’t as strong.”

The Sexist: Sexism and the “If I Were A Man” Defense

Sorry folks, but that’s not how sexism works. Ostroy is right, of course: The Washingtonian cover was criticized for a variety of reasons—from photo-shopping a public official to selling sex for page-views—but nobody accused the magazine of sexism. But Ostroy ignores two major distinctions between the Palin and Obama covers. One, Washingtonian used an ab-tastic photo of Obama to illustrate how hot he is, whereas Newsweek used a leggy photo of Palin to illustrate how bad she is. Second, Palin is a woman and Obama is a man. And the second distinction has everything to do with the first one.

Bitch Flicks: Ten Years of Oscar-Winning Films: In Posters

What do these films have in common?

skepchick: Ew Moon: Why Twilight continues to hurt America…

I went into the movie fully expecting it to be awful. I was actually looking forward to writing a snarky, funny review, with lots of jokes and mockery of the fans of Twilight and their ilk. I came out of the movie less smug. I remembered why I had written my original review in the first place. This movie made me sad and angry, just like the last one.


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