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I'll Admit It, I Saw New Moon

Posted on: November 23, 2009

1new-moon-posterIt’s true.  I’m intrigued by the phenomenon of Twilight because I think it’s pretty bad yet it’s really popular, as we all know.  I saw Twilight (a couple times, actually) and it was bad too, but at least kind of entertaining.  I’m sad (but not too surprised) to report that New Moon wasn’t even kind of entertaining…it was just bad.

I think we are well aware of the overall anti-feminist tones and feminist critiques of the Twilight saga (even if you don’t agree with those critiques, you are probably at least aware of those critiques), so I’m not going to delve too much into some of the already discussed critiques.  I can talk about how the Twilight saga is all about sex and has created (ok, I don’t know about created, but definitely made popular) the genre of abstinence porn.  I could go on for a while about the anti-feminist themes of Twilight, but that’s not really what I want to do in this post, I just want to talk about the movie New Moon and some of the things that I found deeply disturbing.

Before I get into it too much, I just want to make a comment about just how bad I thought the movie was.  The acting was horrible and forced, the storyline was boring, there was not a whole lot of plot.  Not really a whole lot of redeeming value.  I had heard so much about how the book New Moon was so much better than Twilight so I was expecting the movie to be better as well, but it wasn’t.  I don’t even know how the book could have been better because it would have been like 400 pages with not a whole lot of plot.

But past there being no plot, there was an overwhelming theme of protection in the movie.  Both Edward and Jacob say some form of the phrase “it’s my job to protect you” to Bella at some point throughout the movie.  I’m sorry, but no, it’s not your job.  You just think that the man has to protect the woman and that no other man should tough the woman because she belongs to you.  Edward even tells her not to be reckless after he leaves her — a way of controlling Bella even after he is out of her life.

And Bella, she’s just hopeless without a man.  She repeatedly participates in “reckless” behavior as a way to see a vision of Edward telling her not to do something.  There’s a whole scene of her sitting in front of a window with the months passing around her and having bad dreams after Edward leaves her because she can’t bring herself to do anything without him.

I just have to say that I found it really hard to pay attention to the movie because it didn’t have much of a plot and I was just bored throughout.  I even found it hard to pay attention to the extremely problematic aspects of the movie because of this.  But one thing that I want to bring up as well is the representation of the Native American tribe and the group of werewolves.  When I was visitng friends this weekend, one of my friends and I were talking about the movie.  We talked about how the representation of the werewolves as part of a Native American tribe and always showing them without shirts on, just in shorts, just adds to the stereotypes of Native Americans as beast-like.  I’m sorry, but does this seem pretty racist to anyone else?

And then can we just talk about the poster that I have included in this post?  Bella is portrayed as unconscious (possibly dead).  And Edward and Jacob surround her picture as a way of protecting her unconscious body.  She has no agency in this picture, and not really in the movie either.  I just can’t believe that people thought this was a good promotional poster.

One thing that I did like about the movie was Dakota Fanning.  Sometimes she really gets on my nerves, but she has been taking more serious, adult roles recently which I like to see.  I’m not saying that New Moon is necessarily a serious or adult role, but she did do a good job.  She was only on-screen for approximately five minutes as a member of the powerful vampire family, the Volturi.  She was pretty hard-core and I actually enjoyed seeing her in that part of the movie.

So, overall, if you are not absolutely in love with the books, I would not recommend seeing this movie.  The funny thing is, I was expecting this movie to be better than the first because I’ve heard the second book is better than the first.  It was not.  And I heard from people that I respect (who also happen to like the books, and yes, I still hold some respect for them despite that fact), that it was a great movie.  I just don’t understand, because it wasn’t.  It wasn’t even mildly entertaining like some bad movies are.  I just can’t fully wrap my head around the Twilight phenomenon.  I understand that some people like the “dark romance” “undying love” aspect of it, but it’s just not good writing, acting, or storytelling.  There are other series that have the “dark romance” vampire stuff that are much better written and translated to film or television.


5 Responses to "I'll Admit It, I Saw New Moon"

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[D]oes this seem pretty racist to anyone else?

Oh yes it does. Also lazy: The light is good, dark is evil thing has been done for like fucking ever. Stake the thing and bury it at a crossroads already.

this book was not any better than the first. but that’s like saying this one pile of shit is slightly better than this other pile of shit, so you know. relativity and all…

i got invited to go see the movie with a group, which i declined. i have determined that i will not pay money to see this movie. and yeah, the plot thing is an issue for the book too. as in there wasn’t one. could have sworn that’s like the first lesson of any writing course…

Oh, wow…that poster… *sputters* I will be using that one in the future…

Thanks, K0 for linking to my post, b/c I was going to!

Plot? There was a plot? You mean that thing she avoided until we can be sure it was nothing but a hook for the next book? Oy. It’s like ever three chapters “Oh noes! VIIIICTOOOORIAAAAA! who never actually shows (unless you are dying).

I hated this book. It was awful. And Eclipse is worse by a truckload.

I want to see the movie so that I can add it to my snarky reviews, but I am going to wait until it comes to the base theatre so I can see it for free.

Great take down.

I hope you were wearing a “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” tee while there. lol. I saw Twilight and I actually read all four book– written as if the woman is in high school herself just awful. and yes, anti-feminist. Glad Dakota is good. she’s growing up well.
The Twilight stories are good if you forget how anti-feminist and also what BAD role models they are for teenagers but the writing. yuck. Sounds like wait for netflix on this one.

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