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Sunday Link Love

Posted on: November 22, 2009

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend, because I sure have — despite my allergic reaction that caused me to spend a few hours that could have been spent visiting with friends in the bathroom over a toilet.  But it was still good.  I’ve got a pretty busy week coming up between retail work during the holiday season and Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping to do a litle more blogging this week than I did last week.  I don’t think I will be writing a post about Bones this week as I don’t have the motivation, but check out meloukhia’s review if you’re facing withdrawal.  I have not made it through all of the posts that I’ve missed over the weekend, but here are some of my favorite that I have read through and more to come for the Tuesday post.  As always, don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing/reading in the comments!

Bitch Blogs: The gender wars are over and WE WON!

Everyone! This just in! The “gender wars” are over, and women won!. That’s right; after fighting for centuries for equality, our struggles have finally paid off BECAUSE MEN ARE BECOMING JUST LIKE WOMEN. Which, you know, means not only are we equals now, but women are actually the conquerors in this scenario. WE WON!!!

Equal Writes: Gender Roles and “Hookup Culture” Anxiety

While it has long been more acceptable for men to enter short-term and uncommitted relationships, the stigma surrounding women’s participation in such an engagement seems to be particularly fierce, whether or not the “hook up culture” actually exists. Yet, the fact that the “hook up” culture seems to exist and that there doesn’t seem to be too much long-term dating among Princeton undergraduates is not simply reflective of a morality meltdown; instead, it is symptomatic of shifting trends in the way that gender impacts students’ willingness to seek out and commit to long-term relationships.

o filthy grandeur!: Presentations of violence and gender in the Twilight novels

I recently finished Stephanie Meyer’s vampire romance, Twilight. While it wasn’t the most fantastic novel (certainly it took a lot of reading before reaching anything remotely climactic), it wasn’t all that horrible. But it wasn’t all that good, either. I didn’t have high expectations for a romance novel as it was (admittedly I have read few, not having acquired a taste for the genre–yeah, studying literature makes you elitist. I’m no exception). This post will examine gender roles and gender presentations in the novel, as well as other problematic themes.

My review of the New Moon movie to come tomorrow!

Tiger Beatdown: The Edward Cullen Underpants Condundrum

But the issue of Our Cultural Discomfort With Objectifying Robert Pattinson, which is a very important phenomenon that I just made up and decided that we should focus on, is perhaps best illuminated by how different it is from our generalized Cultural Discomfort with MF. Because we have no problem with objectifying Megan Fox, really! We just have a problem with everything she says, and specifically the things she says wherein she takes issue with being objectified. We just hate her. Whereas people don’t hate Robert Pattinson, really. At least, not outside of the inevitable superfans in various Internet comment sections, who take issue with him not loving Twilight like it is his own sweet mother, and most of their ire is reserved for Kristen Stewart anyway. And superfans just yell about shit all the time. That is how they show their love. People outside the superfan matrix don’t tend to have strong feelings about The Pattz, but they do tend to get all squirmy and giggly and uncomfortable with the way that so many women relate to his filmed image (for example, by screen-printing it on their underpants) and/or his person.

The Sexist: Why Sarah Palin is a Better Feminist Than Nancy Pelosi

On the Daily Beast today, Amy Siskind decries Nancy Pelosi as a “feminist nightmare.” Why so serious? Because “the House Speaker pushed the Stupak amendment through—then moved to block the woman bidding for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.”

That first point makes sense—feminist women were thrown under the bus in order to pass the health care bill, and they’re right to be pissed about it. But what’s this business about forcing us to vote for lady politicians? “A major element in our battle for equality is getting women into positions of power,” Siskind explains. “The hope is that these leaders, once in place, would promote women’s issues and encourage the next generation of women leaders. Speaker Pelosi reveals a flaw in feminist thinking: There are exceptions. A powerful woman can in fact be an enemy to women.”

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“A powerful woman can in fact be an enemy to women.” -It’s so so true. 😦 I really wish Pelosi could be more on our side.

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