Fighting with the Sky

Sunday Link Love!

Posted on: November 15, 2009

Happy Sunday everyone!  Don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing and reading in the comments!

this ain’t livin’: How We Watch

Yet, I often hear people say “if you have such a problem with it, don’t watch it,” or “why do you keep watching it if you hate it so much”? Since when did criticism and discussion turn into “hate”? Criticism of creative work, creators, and the motivations of people who engage in such work is actually a rather ancient practice. I think it’s human nature; when we encounter something we like, we want to explore it more. We want to engage with it. We want to get inside it and wriggle around. Because it’s so good. Because the work itself is finite, but the potential readings and explorations are infinite.

The Undomestic Goddess: Hey PW, Suck on This!

Publisher’s Weekly recently came out with a list of the Best Books of 2009 and not a single woman author is on it. It’s not that women aren’t writing. It’s not that women aren’t writing anything of merit. It’s that women’s voices are continuing to be silenced; that our experience continues to go unrecognized.

The Sexist: Sexist Beatdown: Megan Fox’s Fake Bodies Find Their Voice

Megan Fox, everyone’s least-favorite super-hot chick, gets the New York Times Magazine treatment this week. We all know Megan Fox as that hot sassy vixen who claims to be female-empowered (“I would eat Robert Pattinson”) as she poses in wet bikinis for men’s magazines. And we know that that combination, uh, usually doesn’t go over so well among feminists. But here’s where things get trippy, you guys: Like, is it all an act? And what does it all mean?


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