Fighting with the Sky

T. Swift Can Obviously Entertain Us

Posted on: November 13, 2009

taylor_swift_2008_academy_country_music_awards_7.0.0.0x0.639x912On Wednesday night, the Country Music Awards (CMAs) were aired.  Taylor Swift won all four awards that she was nominated for, including the high honor of “Entertainer of the Year.”  She was the only woman nominated for “Entertainer of the Year” and had to beat out country music veterans such as George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley.  I say, good for her.  I am a fan of T. Swift (as my friends so lovingly call her), despite my feminist values.

But not everyone is proud of the 19-year-old star for winning this coveted award.  Wynonna Judd, the 45-year-old country star, thinks Taylor Swift is too young to be winning such a big award.  She tries to make it sound like she’s looking out for Swift, that if too much of a good thing comes too soon, she won’t be a lasting influence on country music.  But I think all is said in this quote from Judd:

My thing is, being a home-school mom, I want kids to earn it, and I think some time … ’cause mom and I rode in a car for the first year of our career to visit radio stations. There was a making of the star, there was a rising up, and the fans went with us.

Apparently success comes too fast nowadays and you don’t even have to work for it.  Now, I don’t know Taylor Swift personally, but I’m pretty sure she’s had to work for her success.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her winning the award at age 19.  She’s been around for a while now and has a huge following.  Frankly, I would have been a little surprised if she didn’t win.  And the fact that she, as the only woman in the running, beat out four male country legends for it, that just makes it even better.


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