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Tuesday Link Love!

Posted on: November 10, 2009

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  The weather has been pretty nice here lately, which is a nice change of pace as it rained almost the entire month of October.  Here are some of my favorite posts of the past couple of days.  I have decided to change the look of my link love posts to be more similar to the ones done by meloukhia nd FWD/Forward — I like how they do things, and hopefully you will too.  Don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing and reading in the comments!

Gender Across Borders: Rihanna, “Russion Roulette,” and distortions of dating violence

But “Russian Roulette” is a more complicated song, and one that, in the end, does more to further popular understandings of abuse than songs like “Take a Bow.” As Rihanna noted in a recent interview on ABC, women in abusive relationships attempt to break up with their partners an average of seven, eight, or even nine times (depending on different estimates) before they actually leave for good. The song’s categorization of conflicting emotions (“I’m terrified, but I’m not leaving”) speaks more honestly to the complexities of abuse.

On the radio, I keep hearing things about this song being about suicide and then questioning if it should be played because it promotes the idea of suicide…and then they play the song right after that conversation.

Womanist Musings: Michelle Obama and Fashion: A Complicated Conversation

In a world in which Black women are still not seen as beautiful, the elevation of Michelle has done much to reinforce a more feminine identity. Black women have always struggled to have our womanhood validated.

I always find the media representation of Michelle Obama to be interesting, especially when they only talk about her fashion choices and not about the political contributions she has made.

FWD/Forward: Guest Post: Davros, Daleks, and Disability

What’s really promblematic about Davros is not (so much) that his “spiritual disfunction manifests as physical disfunction,” but that he diliberately creates the Daleks to be more disabled than he is. He deliberately erases their capability for empathy and compassion. He expects them to be obedient to his every command, and to be grateful to him, as their creator and their “father.” If Davros’s plans unfolded the way he dreamt them up, he’d be the most able-bodied (comparitively) “Emperor of Skaro.”

Bitch Blogs: Adventures in Feministory: What Women Can Be On Sesame Street

But at the risk of getting all Oscar the Grouch about the feel-good reminiscing, the thing that strikes me in watching this video on the eve of the show’s birthday is that, well, it probably wouldn’t be produced today. For all Sesame Street’s forward-thinking construction of a racially-mixed, intergenerational, monster-friendly city neighborhood, the show has repeatedly failed to foreground its females. (That sentence was brought to you by the letter F, by the way.) It’s astonishing to think that Sesame Street didn’t have a lead female Muppet until its 37th season, but the debut of Abby Cadabby in 2006 was a milestone for the show, finally offering a female character with as much personality (and, it must be said, as many marketing opportunities) as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo.

2 Responses to "Tuesday Link Love!"

Due credit–it’s Anna who came up with this link format and me who shamelessly stole it, because I really like it! She’s starting a new trend, clearly.

Thanks for the link! I like your new format for link love. Last Friday, Gender Across Borders had a series on circumcision (—discussion (is still) heating up!

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