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Bones: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken

Posted on: November 6, 2009

Bones-Episode-5-06-Tough-Man-in-the-Tender-Chicken-Promotional-Photos-bones-8707923-1950-1300I was very happy for baseball to be over and for Bones to be new this week.  In “The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken,” the team is investigating the murder of a man that worked at a chicken farm.  This chicken farm was under protest for their treatment of the chickens.  That’s right, we got lots of animal rights stuff in this episode.

Outside of the investigation, Angela has gotten involved with trying to save a pig from becoming bacon.  Dr. Brennan doesn’t understand how saving one pig can really make a difference, leading to Angela saying that she doesn’t know how they are even friends because they have nothing in common.  Angela continues on his quest to save the pig.  She asks Wendell to donate to her cause, which he does, and they end up kissing.  Not quite sure how it happened but it did.  But let’s not forget Sweets in all of this.  While trying to help Angela with her fight with Dr. Brennan, Sweets suggests that Angela give up her pledge of celibacy early to regain a grasp on humanity and real life because she has gotten too attached to a picture of a baby animal.

Sweets also tells Dr. Brennan that she should humor Angela and help her get her pig.  But Dr. Brennan can’t do that without getting Booth’s opinion.  And don’t forget the meaningful looks and hand grazes throughout the episode.

Yet again we see Dr. Brennan’s friends and co-workers lack of understanding about how she sees the world.  I don’t want to talk about that too much here, just because it happens every week and it has been touched on a lot in previous posts.  Also, at the beginning of the episode, we see Dr. Brennan interact with children (the Woodchuck’s that found the body).  That was pretty exciting, you know, with the awkward interactions ending with the children boo-ing her.

Some epsiodes I like Sweets because he’s awkward, and I like that.  Other episodes, I can’t stand him.  This week, I couldn’t stand him.  He was trying to police Angela’s sexuality, saying that she was losing touch with humanity because of her pledge of celibacy.  Then I felt like he was talking down to Dr. Brennan when he was telling her to humor Angela about the pig.  I felt like he thought he was trying to explain to a five year old how to be nice to your friends.  And then he made a gross comment about twins at one point during the episode.

I did like that this episode touched on some political issues, as in animal rights.  It would be great if it touched on some other political issues, but I always like when shows incorporate political issues into their episodes.

I also don’t know how I feel about the Angela/Wendell relationship.  It just came out of nowhere (even though I had heard the spoilers about it) and while I can see the relationship possibly going somewhere, it just felt kind of forced at this point in time.  There was no build up to it like the Angela/Hodgins relationship or the upcoming Booth/Brennan relationship.  They just randomly started kissing and then it got really awkward around the lab.


3 Responses to "Bones: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken"

I agree with you, Laura, about Sweets. I didn’t like his interaction with Angela at all when she asked him for a donation to save the pig and how he then implied that it was her celibacy that had caused her to become attached to pig – very much playing into the stereotype of women being led by their ‘ovaries’ so to speak. When in fact Angela’s motivations for saving the pig and how she chooses to express her sexuality are completely unrelated, in my opinion.

Yeah, I also feel like the whole Angela/Wendell thing totally came out of nowhere. It’ll be interesting to see what happens, since the show is still rotating interns every week (which, weirdly enough, I really like; I’d rather have Zach back on the show, but this is SO much better than just finding a replacement right away).

I really like Sweets except (and this is a huge except) it’s completely unprofessional to keep analyzing and giving advice to coworkers and friends (and girlfriend!). If someone hasn’t asked you for help or professional advice, you don’t give it.

And I totally agree: WTF with the whole, “Your celibacy has made you too attached to a cute animal?!” Hold on, I have to tear my hair out.

I thought it was definitely incredibly horrible to hear about how the chicks and chickens are treated. Not enough to make me go vegetarian, and I can’t afford to shop for more ethically treated animals. But highly disturbing.

Bookmarked on the strength of your Bones post!

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