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Glee: Mash-Up

Posted on: October 22, 2009

glee-episode8-pic7In this week’s episode, Finn and Quinn aren’t popular anymore because of their involvement with glee club and, of course, they aren’t happy about this.  On top of that, the football players are made to choose between football and glee club.  Puck decides that he needs to start dating Rachel because his mother wants him to date a nice Jewish girl.  Rachel goes for it as a way to make Finn jealous…and Puck really just wants to make Quinn jealous too.  Finn chooses the football team over glee club because he really wants to be popular even though the three other football players, including Puck, chose glee club.  But Will convinces Finn to come back by telling him that glee is where he belongs.

In other news, Emma and Ken have decided to have their wedding in Hawaii and Ken has conviced Emma to have a first dance.  They ask Will to make a mash-up between “I Could Have Danced All Night” (Emma’s choice) and “The Thong Song” (Ken’s choice) as well as dance lessons.  Ken calls Will out on his relationship with Emma and says that he knows that he’ll always be second place to Will but he loves Emma so much that he doesn’t care.  Will ends up going wedding dress shopping with Emma to make sure that she gets a dress she can dance in and they, of course, dance around the wedding shop and sing “I Could Have Danced All Night.”

First of all, when Will sang “Bust a Move” at the beginning, I found it a little creepy.  Singing “I want to sex you up” while dancing with teenage girls (and boys) was kind of creepy.  But Will definitely got a lot of dancing time in this episode.  It made me wonder if it was actually him dancing all the time because it was pretty impressive dancing…at least coming from me who is not a great dancer.

Finn and Quinn’s popularity storyline is just yet another example of the “be who you want to be and screw everyone else” storyline that is being exhausted by this show.  It seems like every episode has that message.  While it is a great message, I’d like to see some variety.  Having to choose between football and glee club also had the same effect, especially in Will’s speech to Finn.

I really like Sue’s storyline this episode.  She goes on a date with the news anchor on the show that she does Sue’s Corner for and starts to really like him.  It seems to soften her…a lot.  She gets will to teach her how to swing dance for another date with the man and seems kind of sweet towards him.  But when she finds out that the news anchor is kind of a jerk (she caught him making out with someone else and him excuse was that he couldn’t be caged in), she becomes mean again — she’s mean to Will and kicks Quinn off of the Cherrios because she’s pregnant.  I think this storyline spoke a lot to Sue as a person and why she is the way that she is.  Her hostility towards others comes from a place of not wanting to be hurt herself.

I really hated the storyline between Will and Emma.  Yes, we all know that they both like each other.  I was glad that Terry wasn’t in the episode because I really dislike the characterization of her.  The writers just wanted to make her seem as unbearable as possible so that the audience would think it was ok when Will cheats on her with Emma (because we all know that’s going to happen).  But it’s not ok.  It’s ok if Will leaves Terry for Emma.  Everyone is entitled to end a marriage if they don’t think it’s working.  But the way that the show characterizes both Terry and Emma to make Will less of a bad guy for ending a marriage to be with another woman is kind of sickening.

I also kind of liked the storyline between Puck and Rachel.  You got to see a sweeter side of Puck, which doesn’t always happen.  And he got to sing a solo.  We all know that the relationship wouldn’t work out because they were both in it for the wrong reasons and both loved someone else, but it was nice to see them together, even for a little while, because they are so different.

And yet again, the minority characters are reduced to background.  Mercedes had a couple lines and so did Kurt, but that was about it.  I did really like when Kurt stood up to Finn, though.  When Finn picked football over the glee club, the other players made him give a “slushie facial” (throwing a slushie in someone’s face — it happened a lot this episode) to Kurt, who quit football.  Finn didn’t want to do it because he’s friends with Kurt but felt he had to to fit in with the football players again.  Kurt knew this and ended up throwing the slushie in his own face and challenged Finn to think about if any of his “friends” on the football team would have done that for him.  But then we have to be reminded of the fact that Kurt is gay when he freaks out about having the slushie all over him and needs to “get to a spa” (aka the girls bathroom).

Overall, I think this episode was pretty good.  I enjoyed what seemed like an increase in the musical numbers, which are usually my favorite parts of the episode.  I wasn’t cringing around every corner like I have with previous episodes.  That’s not to say that there was nothing wrong with this episode, I’m just saying that I enjoyed watching it.

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4 Responses to "Glee: Mash-Up"

I’m glad someone else thought that opening sequence was a bit creepy.

But, I was wondering what you thought about the title of “slushie facial.” It seems to call up another kind of “facial” that would bring a whole other reading to this, particularly since it is an action intended to demoralize the unpopular. Of course then it makes the group facial REALLY creepy.

I’m pretty sure that it is in fact Matthew Morrison (Will) dancing, as he was the original Link in Hairspray on Broadway, and that involves some major dance moves.

I realize being Jewish isn’t the same as being Black, Asian, Gay or handicapped, but it still represents a lack of diversity in the mainstream media. I’m kind of surprised you haven’t discussed that, especially with this episode.

I was super creeped out by Will’s song too! I always cringe a little bit when they have Will rap, but it seemed extra inappropriate to have him musically flirt with high school students.

I also didn’t like that he grabbed Artie in his wheelchair and spun him around. Gah! He’s a person not a prop!

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