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Bones: A Night at the Bones Museum

Posted on: October 17, 2009

Sorry for the delay in my Bones post, but life got in the way of my tv watching this week.

Bones_BonesMuseum-Sc10_0010Anyways, the case this week was about the murder of an Egyptologist at the Jeffersonian over what was presumed to be found in the chest cavity of a mummy.    Daisy, Sweets’ girlfriend, comes back as an intern for the Jeffersonian and actually is a lot less annoying this time around because she was calmed down, with the help of Sweets, which she doesn’t really appreciate.  In the meantime, Brennan goes out with Booth’s boss’ boss.  Booth, of course, does not like this.  He says it is because it is his boss and that would be weird, but we all know it’s because he’s in love with Brennan.  At the end of the episode, Brennan takes Booth to a party that is being thrown in her honor for a discovery she made about the mummy and it seems like they almost kiss, or Booth almost confesses his feelings, but nope…that didn’t happen.

I really liked seeing more of the relationship between Sweets and Daisy.  In the past, their relationship kind of annoyed me.  But I liked seeing Daisy get upset at Sweets trying to control her emotions and then them trying to figure it out.  I also like seeing Brennan going out on a date with Booth’s boss’ boss, not because of his relationship to Booth, but because I always like seeing Brennan go on dates.  I think it shows that despite how socially limited she might appear to be, she still is a real person, with real emotions and urges.

But along with that, I of course did not like the Booth and Brennan sexual tension that came out of that.  I’m just ready for them to enter into a relationship already because this awkward stuff before hand when we all know that they care for each other in a romanitc way but won’t admit it is really annoying.  The Booth-Brennan relationship stuff was not as intense as I thought it was going to be based on the previews from last week, but it was stil just too awkward for me.  That almost-kiss at the end was what was really too much.  And Angela talking with Brennan about how Booth is jealous of her relationship with his boss and calling Brennan out on her statement that there is no possibility of sex with Booth.

I also really like the case this week.  Not only did we get the awesome forestic anthropology and science that goes on every week, we also got some historical anthropology as well.  We learned about ancient Egyptian culture and burial techniques as well as solved a murder.  Despite my complaints about the Booth-Brennan relationship, Bones is still one of my favorite shows on tv because of the forensic investigations and the social dynamics of the Jeffersonian team.

2 Responses to "Bones: A Night at the Bones Museum"

I don’t watch as carefully as you do, so I could be wrong. But my take on the Booth/Brennan relationship is that while she likes and respects him, she isn’t interested in a sexual or romantic relationship with him. (Given the lack of subtlety with which she approaches such things, I think we’d have known by now if she did.) Booth, on the other hand, clearly finds Brennan attractive and very much wants a romantic and sexual relationship and is projecting a lot of that onto her.

So it was gratifying for me to find that the hints that they would have that kind of a relationship at the end of the last season were not real (in the context of the narrative verse) but were Booth’s fantasies. Mileage, of course, varies. 🙂

I don’t know if you ever read the Entertainment Weekly website, but one of the columnists does a “blind item” column where he writes about a piece of gossip but doesn’t fill in any of the names. Before this season started, he wrote one about a TV show that had been about to put its leads in a romantic relationship finally, but over the summer, the showrunners got cold feet and decided to give it another season before making it happen. The general consensus, among the commenters, and I can’t remember if the columnist confirmed this one or not (sometimes he confirms the answer and sometimes he doesn’t), was that it was Bones.

So, I think we’re going to be facing a whole year of this dance, unfortunately.

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