Fighting with the Sky

Thursday Link Love!

Posted on: October 15, 2009

After this post, I really will be pretty much MIA until Saturday or Sunday.  So, I’ll “see” you all then.  In the meantime, enjoy some of the posts that I have enjoyed over the past couple days.  And don’t forget to leave links to what you have been writing and reading in the comments!

The Sixth Carnival of Feminists is up at Deeply Problematic — and I’m in there!!

Disability is a Feminist Issue [FWD/Forward] – for all those that are still questioning this topic.

“Real Women Have Curves!” Is F***ing Offensive [Pieces of String] – you may think that this phrase is pro-feminist and all about size acceptance, but it’s not.

The Casual Cruelty of Class Hatred [this ain’t livin’] – class issues are something that I have been thinking a lot about lately (but haven’t gotten around to writing a post about), but meloukhia has a great post concerning it.

Half the Sky: Cover to Cover [Gender Across Borders] – a great review of the much talked about book.


3 Responses to "Thursday Link Love!"

The pieces of string link appears to lead to a protected blog, which is a bummer, because it sounds like something I’d be interested in! Especially since I have written about this issue before.

I’ve noticed a ton of blogs coming up as protected; their system has been a bit wonky lately and I’m wondering if all the autosettings were changed.

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