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Glee: Throwdown

Posted on: October 15, 2009

ThrowdownSue is now the co-director of glee club and makes it her mission (as always) to divide and conquer the glee club and force it into submission.  She does this by separating the members.  Since Sue and Will are each choreographing their own numbers, Sue decides that they should have different people in each of theirs.  She takes all the minority members of glee and eventually leaves Will with only three people for his number.  The division and fighting eventually get to the members of the glee club and they walk out and Sue resigns.  Will gives an “inspiring” speech about how they are all minorities because they are in glee and all is right in the world of the glee club.

In the meantime, Terry blackmails her obstetrician into faking a sonogram so Will can “see his baby.”  And news about Quinn’s pregnancy is now all over school thanks to the blogosphere.  Quinn’s crushed but sees in the end that she has the glee club to support her.

So it was great to see the minority characters in a main storyline, but this is not the way that I would have wanted it done.  By separating out the minority characters, it is showing that they are different…not the same and not as talented as the white members.  Of course, I think this is what the storyline was trying to show.  I think it was trying to show that when people are grouped, separated, or identified solely based on their race, they are discriminated against.  I really liked Mercedes line when the glee members got fed up with Sue and Will fighting and left: “I may be a strong, proud balck woman, but I am more than that.”  She showed that she is proud of who she is but there is more to her than just her race.  And I think that was supposed to be the moral of that storyline.  But, as we see in most of the Glee storylines, what is intended by them and what they actually show are two different things.

I, of course, hated the storyline with Terry.  I just cringe everytime she comes on screen because I know it is going to be something about how she is manipulating Will and faking her pregnancy, and generally being crazy.  But I was glad that there wasn’t a storyling about the relationship between Will and Emma.  Terry’s actions with her pregnancy are basically leading to it being ok for Will to cheat on her with Emma.  But it’s still not ok, and I hate seeing all that flirting when I know what it’s leading to.

And I have to say, I liked the storyline with Quinn’s pregnancy this week.  It showed what she really has invested in this pregnancy as well as the support network that she actually has (though she doesn’t think she has it or doesn’t realize that she does).  And it showed that despite Rachel having feelings for Finn and those being her true motivations behind helping Quinn, that Rachel does actually care about what happens to Quinn because she feels connected to everyone in glee.

I feel like all that I talk about when I do these write-ups about Glee are race and pregnancy.  But those are the things that really bother me about the show.  And the blatant ableism.  But I do have to say, I really do like Jane Lynch’s character Sue.  She just says the most ridiculous, racist, ableist, sexist, etc. things.  But we are supposed to realize that what she says and what she does are not appropriate and not right.  She is the extreme that we are supposed to recognize as inappropriate.

I really liked the musical numbers this week.  I keep watching Glee because a) I keep hoping it will get better and b) for the musical numbers.  I felt like there were more than usual this week, and I was ok with that.  It took away from the actual storyline.  And I like how they incorporate the songs that the glee club is performing into the storyline between the characters.  For example, Finn and Rachel singing “No Air” mirroring their actual feelings for each other.  At the end, they performed “Keep Holding On” and it felt as if they were singing it to Quinn, telling her that they will support her in whatever she needs.  I really do like that aspect of the show.

Also make sure to check out meloukhia’s analysis of “Throwdown” up at this ain’t livin’.


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