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Dollhouse: Belle Chose

Posted on: October 10, 2009

4ef0156448d80b24d1e1306d91d031eeThis week’s episode was a marked improvement from last week.  In this episode, a client of the Dollhouse hires them to get his nephew out of a coma because hospitals don’t seem to be able to.  Through brain scans, they soon learn that the nephew is a serial killer and has women hostage right now.  So they imprint Victor with this serial killer to try to figure out where the women are.  Of course, things go wrong, and Victor (as the serial killer) is out on the loose without his GPS.

In the meantime, Echo is on an engagement where a professor wants to hook up with one of his students — so Echo is a ditsy college student, Kiki (it was kind of creepy).  As a way to fix the Victor situation, Topher tries a remote wipe, which goes horribly wrong.  Instead of wiping Victor, the imprints in Echo and Victor switched — making Echo the serial killer and Victor Kiki.  Victor as Kiki ends up dancing in a club and Echo as the serial killer ends up going back to his victims.  But because Echo still has her GPS, they are able to find her and save the women.

At the beginning of the episode, when the Dollhouse first discovers that the man they are trying to get out of a coma is, in fact, a serial killer, Topher expresses his ethical concerns in waking him up.  Even Boyd finds this ironic and comments on the fact that it really must be bad in Topher has ethical problems with it.  I thought this was a great insight into how the people that work in the Dollhouse view the Dollhouse.  We know that Boyd has his issues with it and therefore thinks that Topher is unethical.  Topher rationalizes his involvement with the Actives and thinks that he is doing a good thing, for the most part — but he draws the line at waking up serial killers.  But then he imprints Victor with a serial killer, so I’m not quite sure how that works.  Adelle, yet again, stays true to the Dollhouse and its benefactors and values the clients wishes — for the most part.

Ballard obviously has a connection with Echo, but we see in this episode that he actually cares for other Actives as well.  When he finds Victor as Kiki in the club, he takes care of him and kind of defends him from the other people in the club.  Sure, it’s his job, but he didn’t have to be as nice and caring as he was.  But then we see him when he finds Echo as the serial killer (who, of course, is having some glitches) and see him truly caring for Echo again.  We can tell that (not that we couldn’t before) that he’s really there for Echo.

After Echo became the serial killer, she seriously glitched.  The serial killer imprint was going in and out of her head.  She could remember everything about the imprint, but she did not want to kill the women anymore and actually tried to get the women to kill her because she could feel the serial killer imprint coming back.  I don’t know if this was a result of the switching of imprints or if it is an indication of events yet to come.  Echo has glitched on engagements before and remembered things from past engagements, but this was different.  It was almost like she became Caroline again when the serial killer imprint left for a while.  I think this is a sign that she is starting to become more resiliant to the imprints, which was saw in “Epitaph One” (for those of you who watched it — if you haven’t, you should).

I thought this episode was much better than last week and that made me really happy because I was very disappointed in Joss Whedon after last week’s episode.  I could have done without the college student trying to sleep with her professor to get an A imprint, but other than that, I thought this episode was pretty on.  It had inter-Dollhouse stories as well as an interesting engagement.  I know that they had to get Echo out into the field and the Kiki imprint was very different from the serial killer one, so I get why they did that — so we could very obviously see the difference when the imprints switched.  But I really could have done without the engagement, it could have at least been a romantic engagement other than the creepy storyline between the professor and student.  Overall, it was a good episode.  Not as good as the season premiere this season, but much better than last week.  After last week, I think it was easy to like an episode that was par for the course with the show, like this week’s was.


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Hi there! I’ve been following your DH and Bones reviews (via Meloukhia and really enjoying your write-ups.

the college student trying to sleep with her professor to get an A imprint,

I know, right? That professor was so skeezy. And you just know he was telling himself he was a good guy, because hey, he wasn’t exploiting one of his actual students! He was going after a not-real person! Eurgh. It was at least encouraging to see it interspersed with Terry, scary as he was, because it was like a giant clue-by-four that OH HI EXPLOITATION GOING ON HERE, which for some reason not everyone seemed to have figured out by the end of last season. Especially since that’s kind of an intriguing application of the DH technology – meet your favorite character in person! – but they didn’t let the audience get away with just kind of nodding along and going *ooooh, shiny.*

In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, my reviews are all here.

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