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Glee: Vitamin D

Posted on: October 8, 2009

glee56So Will’s wife Terry is jealous of his relationship with Emma so takes a job as the school nurse, despite the fact that she absolutely no medical training.  Because of her jealousy, Terry convinces Ken to propose to Emma.  She eventually accepts Ken’s proposal, but only if they can keep the marriage a secret and live in separate parts of town.  As her role as the school nurse, Terry gives all the members of the glee club decongestants to give them more energy and eventually gets fired for that.  She yet again shows that she has no care for consequences or what happens to other people.

In the glee club, Will needs to light a fire under the students so he designs a competition.  It’s boys vs. girls in a mash-up performance.  Both teams end up being drugged up for the performances and they come off as a little too energetic.

We started off the show with some pretty blatant ableism.  The glee club isn’t motivated anymore because they think they have sectionals “in the bag” because they are competing against a school for the deaf and a halfway house for girls just out of juvenille hall.  So these glee clubs obviously can’t be good because they are filled with kids who can’t hear and criminals (their words).  Let’s use some pretty blatant ableism to get some cheap laughs!  That sounds like a good idea, right?

But I do have to say, I was glad to see Artie doing his own choreography during the boys’ performance instead of someone just pushing (or kicking) him around the stage.

Plus, the performances for this “competition” were pretty much just an excuse to have Finn and Rachel sing with everyone as their back-up.  Artie did do some of the main singing during part of the song.  But it was pretty much just Finn and Rachel again.  I get that they are the stars of the show.  But I’d really like to see more showcasing of the talents of some of the other people other than just having them perform as the token performances.

And I’m pretty much hating any storyline with Terry lately because of the way she is portrayed.  I don’t really want Will and Emma to end up together, but I’m pretty sure that the show is portraying Terry this way to make it ok for when Will eventually starts a relationship with Emma.  You can obviously tell that Terry’s stomach is fake, but maybe that’s just because we know it is.  But she’s also just portrayed as this mean, self-centered, paranoid bitch (I hate to say it, but that’s how she’s being portrayed).

I am still enjoying Glee, but I think it’s mainly for the singing and the scenes with the students in the glee club…and Jane Lynch (I just think she’s hilarious).  I cringe everytime that Terry comes on the screen.  Emma is starting to get really annoying.  And I just feel bad for Ken, because he’s so in love with Emma and desperate for company that he will spend his life with someone who doesn’t even seem to like him.


7 Responses to "Glee: Vitamin D"

On “people who can’t hear and criminals”, time and time again this show is exaggerating not just to get laughs but to show the sheer ridiculousness of it, so I kind of saw it that way. Especially since no one wanted to high five Artie :/

I want to see more of the other characters as well, but not only are Rachel and Finn the main characters, they are also suppose to be the best (I don’t know how much I believe this). Just like you can’t expect Rachel to go from selfish 16 year old to all knowing wise teen, you have to realize that in real time, the other kids will require more time to better their abilities.

When they had Tina singing Tonight, they showed that yes she could sing but she needed more practice (although Jenna is amazing), and this practice might not be what ends up in the main performances.

But again my thoughts, realize that I extremely optimistic about Glee. But I like your reviews 🙂

I suspect that the team is going to be really wrong about the teams from the other schools. That their assumption that they have the contest in the bag is incorrect, I mean.

I completely agree with you regarding the one-dimensional portrayal of Terry. Unfortunately Glee is on a mainstream TV channel and so it has to conform to the norms of conservative America lest the local subsidiaries rise up and refuse the show, or the advertisers pull away from anything that isn’t squeaky clean.

And so, we cannot be confronted with the reality of the grayness of life.

Everything must be black and white, people are goodies or baddies.

So we cannot portray the reality that sometimes, when we marry our high school sweetheart, it just doesn’t work out.

And it’s neither person’s fault, it’s just life, and someone needs to have the guts to make the first move towards freedom.

That’s not to say that Fox is always this useless. When it has a program maker who has a following in his own right, like Joss Whedon, then we get something wonderful like Dollhouse, which has us constantly questioning what is right and what is wrong.

Other than that, I am afraid we have to rely on Shotime and HBO to show us life in it’s messy glory.

Dexter and The Wire being some of the best TV EVER made.

And as for Terry, I can’t feel too sorry for her. Anyone who talks with a whiny high voice like that should be punched in the neck.

Oh, just kidding (maybe)

Oh, and I wanna see the kids from the Deaf school kick their asses.

I so agree with you. I leave this show on my TiVO and don’t care that much about it which for a much “buzzed about” new show is not a good sign. I dislike the teen pregnancy, wife-faking-pregnancy and unhappy teacher seeking solace in other teacher storylines.

At this point, sadly, my hubby and I are watching Glee to see how bad it will get.

I doubt we even see the competition with the deaf kids, because the show had very little follow-through. Except for the pregnancies, which we throw in for three minutes each episode, what happens one week has not relation whatsoever with what happens the next week. Acafellas came out of nowhere and went nowhere. Same with Cabaret. The show needs to decide if it’s going to have a continuous story line, or just be individual shows.

The sad thing is the show is supposed to be “progressive” and “cutting edge” and it’s NOT. It had a few moments of brilliance (Rachel at the Celibacy Club meeting), but it’s been a major disappointment. Which ticks me off so much! It showed such promise with the pilot! What happened???

I hate all the adults on the show. I have no respect for any of them anymore. Janet Lynch is funny, but the others… ugh.

personally i think you people are over analyzing the show. If you stop looking at everything so cynically you might see that its got a lot of humour in it. Its more subtle which i like a lot. I’m more into the musical numbers than anything else but i think it has lots of potentional. I’m 15 and maybe if you watch it from the point of view of someone my age you might enjoy it more.

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