Fighting with the Sky

She's Just Being Miley

Posted on: September 29, 2009

I’m really glad that Miley Cryus is continuing her break from Disney with this new music video for “Party in the USA” (note: same song to which she pole-danced at the Teen Choice Awards).  Please note the sarcasm.  And I’m also really glad that I am now aquainted with Miley Cyrus’ bra and cleavage.

4 Responses to "She's Just Being Miley"

What, everyone needs a little objectification paired with their nationalism!!

The only thing missing from this video is some Keystone and pregnant teens – preferably drinking it! (Alright, alright, before anyone flames me, I’m from Texas so I speak from loving experience!)

I am all for eradicating objectification. I think that it’s absurdly predictable that once a young female star comes of age, she starts showing more skin. I think we would do ourselves good to elminate revealing your body as a mean of finding validation and establishing one’s adulthood. That being said, I think if Miley wants to take her clothes off, she has every right to do so without being ridiculed or called names (not referring to your blog with the name calling). Just as her worth should not be based on showing skin, it should also not be based on covering herself up. The song is catchy, albeit stupid. I’m from Texas too. I hate the state. Also, I recoil at shows of patriotism for capital gain. Or at all, but that’s just me.

I do enjoy your blog, though. 😀

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