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Posted on: September 22, 2009

I’m sorry so many of my posts lately have been about television.  But I have been watching a lot of TV lately with the season premieres and everything.  I also really like analyzing TV shows, especially ones that I like, because it makes me examine my investments in feminism, society, and pop culture.  I hope to get back to some posts more specifically about feminism after I get some more time and after we get through all the season premieres and everything.

As always, here are some of my favorite posts of the past couple of days.  Make sure to leave links to what you have been writing and reading in the comments!

What’s So Funny About Abstinence and Virginity? [this ain’t livin’] – there are many TV shows that make fun of abstinence pledges and people who are virgins.  But what’s so funny about this personal decision?

Sense & Sexuality: New anti-sex website shames young women [Feministing] – a look at a anti-feminist, anti-sex website.

Feminism in Schools: Teaching Feminism When You’re Not a Feminist [Small Strokes] – As part of her series looking at incorporating feminism into the classroom, Ashely tackles an important question: can you teach feminism or feminist values if you are not a feminist?

Bright Star: Film Review [Entertainment Realm] – a look at the new movie about John Keats and his muse.

Emmys: After-Thoughts [Bitch Flicks] – television seems to still be dominated by men.


2 Responses to "Link Farm"

Don’t apologize for writing about television a lot! Pop culture is a huge part of this society, and television contributes to the way that people think about a lot of issues, so I think it’s a good thing to analyze.

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