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No boobs for you!

Posted on: September 21, 2009

This post is cross posted with the permission of RosieRed23 of Spare Candy.  RosieRed23 is a feminist and a liberal who lives in Ohio, where being either of those isn’t usually received well. She follows politics, tries to stay up on pop culture, loves reading and live music, and gets through each day with hope and lots of coffee.  You can also find her on Twitter as @rosiered23.

jennifersbodyHey, have you heard that Megan Fox has a new movie coming out?!  Yeah, it’s called Jennifer’s Body, but you probably won’t go see it because Fox doesn’t show her boobs in it, so forget I said anything.

That’s pretty much the gist of this (oldish) Cinema Blend article that I came across last night:

According to FilmGecko the latest rumor surrounding the movie is that this topless scene, the only real selling point of the movie unless you are a die-hard Diable Cody fan (Are you? Really??), has been cut from the final print.  Are the producers attempting actual live movie hari-kiri?  Has Megan Fox suddenly come over all shy?  This move makes no sense from a marketing point of view because at worst it’s better to be known as “the movie where Megan Fox shows the goods” than to be “the Diable Cody vampire flick nobody saw.”  Presumably on a more practical plain they’re aiming for that predictable and, to be frank tiresome, PG-13 theatrical/Unrated-DVD switch-back to boost sales.

Stop editing for content Hollywood in your slimy manipulative attempts to boost sales.  Boobs sell too!  Keep them in!  Or… should that be, keep them out, so to speak.

Note to this guy: You don’t have any actual right to see Megan Fox’s boobs, okay?  So stop acting like you do, and poor Hollywood has stifled this “right” of yours.  (And note that it’s bad to take boobs out of a movie and add them back in on the DVD to boost sales, but it is not bad to put boobs in a movie to make money on the movie.)  I’m surprised Fox’s kiss with Amanda Seyfried isn’t enough for this guy, to be honest.

And then there’s this absolutely horrendous headling (and story) in the New York Post a couple weeks ago:

Megan Fox’s nipples sadly still underwraps

The first sentence:

“Last May it looked like foxhounds all across this great globe would finally be able to lay their eyes on the prize: Megan Fox’s bare breasts.”

Hey Jarett Wieselman, Fox’s boobs, or any other woman’s boobs for that matter, are not a “prize” you get to win.  Ugh.

Nudity can add a whole other, meaningful layer to movies.  I think we can all agree on that.  But this is a scenario I have never, ever EVER understood, and I suppose I never will: the fascination with gratuitous nudity in movies or TV shows.  But it’s not just any nudity; no one talks about som no-name actress who shows her boobs in an indiem movie.  It’s celebrity nudity.  It’s Megan Fox nude, or Halle Berry nume (Swordfish, anyone?), or Angelina Jolie nude (remember all the buzz about her nude scene in Beowulf, which wasn’t true, and makes no sense anyway since she’s been nude in movies a number of times before that), or Anna Paquin in True Blood, or whichever Star of the Day is exposing, especially if it’s the first time she has done so.  I understand people are curious, but the countless online discussions about whether Megan Fox will show her goods in Jennifer’s Body go way beyond curiosity and reach a certain feverishly obsessed level that isn’t healthy for anyone involved.

Plus, are you really going to a movie just to see someone’s boobs?  Even if you hate everything else you know about the movie, you’re still going?  As in, no way would you see the movie unless it had SoandSo’s boobs in it?  If you are so desperate or excited (both?) to see someone’s boobs that you have said yes to this — and are, in fact, a grown man — may I suggest counseling?  Or, you know, waiting a day or two when said boobs will be available for viewing online?  And would you mind keeping your fascination to yourself, while you’re at it?

I don’t know if Jennifer’s Body will be good, okay, bad, whatever.  Maybe Bust’s review is right: “this film is so radically and refreshingly both funny and scary for a female perspective, the boys simply don’t know what to do with it.”  I haven’t seen the movie, and probably won’t until it’s on DVD or cable.  I know a lot of people will go solely because Megan Fox is in it.  That’s fine, I get that.  What I wonder is how many people would have gone if only her boobs were in it, too.  (I probably don’t really want to know the answer to that question.)

For the record, Fox has said she won’t do a nude scene on film.  And judging by how many people are demanding she do, I can’t blame her.  But if she ever does do a nude scene, I hope it’s her choice, and not pressure to do so.  She certainly doesn’t owe her fans a glimpse of her naked body, that’s for sure.


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great article. i wrote a review of this movie too.

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