Fighting with the Sky

This Week in Blogs: September 13 – 19

Posted on: September 20, 2009

I hope everyone has had a great week!  I know that I’m looking forward to this next week for reasons that will become clear later.  Make sure you check out the link love from Tuesday and Thursday.  As always, this post will feature some of new posts from the past couple days as well as some of my favorites from the week that were already featured in a link love post.

New Link Love

Blogging as a Social Act vs. for Social Good [Small Strokes] – a post about why we blog in the feminist blogging community.

Feminist Sex Tips for Virgins [The American Virgin] – looking at an advice columnist who gave some feminist advice.

Edward Cullen, Face of Girl Power: On the Girliness of Pop, and Why It Matters [Bitch Blogs] – some more analysis of Twilight.  I can’t get enough when I constantly run into people who love it.

False Rape Accusations and Rape Culture [The Sexist] – “Both rape and rape accusations are products of the roles assigned by rape culture.”

Weekly Link Love

Carnival o’ Feminists: Numero Cuatro [Jump Off the Bridge] – some links to some great posts! And frau sally benz was nice enough to break them up into categories. Make sure to check them out!

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner [Shakesville] – I love Dirty Dancing, and so does Melissa! See what Melissa has to say about the movie that was about “class, feminism, sex, rape and abortion.”

SWV Seeks May-December Stalker-Romance [this ain’t livin’] – Does anyone else find it creepy that vampire stories often feature a vampire who is hundreds of years old who is obsessed with a high school girl?


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