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Why Does the Media Hate Megan Fox?

Posted on: September 16, 2009

megan-fox-catwomanI’m not the biggest fan of Megan Fox.  But I hate to say it, she is starting to grow on me.  However, this is only because she gets a lot of criticism from Hollywood for not being the silent pretty girl that she is supposed to be.  The media attacks her because she says what’s on her mind and she’s not this silent hot girl that a lot of young actresses are nowadays.

While I don’t know if I agree with her statements about how she uses her hot-ness to her advantage, she knows what she’s doing, she knows how Hollywood works, and she’s not afraid to speak up about it.

In a new post at Women & Hollywood, Melissa looks at the letter that anonymous crew members on Transformers wrote to Megan Fox because of some statements that she made about the film’s director, Michael Bay.  Now, Megan Fox’s statements about Bay were a little harsh, but Bay didn’t seem phased by it and has spoken out against this letter from the crew members.  Basically in this letter, the crew members called Fox “dumb as a rock” and a bitch.

While I do not know Megan Fox personally, so I cannot speak to the validity of these statements, it seemed entirely unnecessary and just another part of Hollywood and the media’s hatred of Megan Fox for being outspoken.  I think that Fox has proven that she is not “dumb as a rock” from earlier statements.  She knows what she’s doing.  She knows that she is playing up her sexuality in order to “make it” in Hollywood.  And she’s not ashamed of it.  While I certainly don’t agree with all of her choices and have big problems with some of the roles that she chooses (cough, Transformers, cough), I can respect her decisions to do this, especially since she calls people out for being jerks and speaks to the use of sexuality by Hollywood.

And when I said earlier that she is starting to grow on me, this is what I meant: I’m still not a big fan of her as an actress.  I don’t think she’s that great of an actress and I think that in some (or most) of the roles, she is just meant to be pretty and not much else (I am anxious to see her in Jennifer’s Body; I’ve heard mixed reviews of her from different sources, but I’m not sure when I’m going to get the chance to see it).  But as a person (that we see through the media’s lens), she is starting to grow on me.  I like that she talks about Michael Bay being a sexist jerk (even if it is kind of a fun back and forth for Fox and Bay).  I like that she talks about the use of sexuality by Hollywood, that Hollywood doesn’t respect women for their talent, but rather for their looks.


14 Responses to "Why Does the Media Hate Megan Fox?"

Anxious to see what you have to say about JB!

I like Fox too.

you’ll have to give us a review of Jennifer’s Body, since I refuse to watch it. i saw the preview, and just rolled my eyes.

Come on!!!!!! So you’re encouraging slut shaming now! Or I guess maybe you haven’t read her Rolling Stone interview in which she says and I quote, ” Just the Idea of a one night stand makes me sick.” Thanks young feminist you and megan just completely shamed me for the way I live my life, I feel utterly degraded now. I also must mention to yo that not only does she profess that one night stands and promiscuity is “gross” but she als says that ‘ALL GIRLS EXPERIMENT WITH EITHER EATING DISORDERS OR CUTTING THEMSELVES” THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT US TO DO YOUNG FEMINIST!!!!!!!!!!!! I also feel the need to add that though she does give alot of opinions and opinions are good for girls to have she is completely uneducated and has professed a complete disinterest in doing so! This is not how women should be, uneducated but loud, come on! She has said in interviews that she likes that people think shes a brainless sex object because it makes work easier for her! REALLY YOUNG FEMINIST!! Not to mention that fact that if you look at pictures of her from a few years ago youll notce she has had copious amounts of plastic surgery made her career off of her looks and denies having any work done. Young feminist, conforming to a disgusting beauty ideal and then lying to girls about it is absolutely counter-productive to the cause of Feminism. Please, please make this clear to girls before you defend her. PLEASE im begging you her comments have repeatedly degraded and shamed me, please dont add to it!!!!

But she is not sexually charged, though, she went in rolling stone saying that one night stands made her sick! I just think that if you are going to write about her good qualities then you should also acknowledge what she does that girls should absolutely not emmulate, people dont hate her because she talks about sex they hate her because she says silly things.

Thank you, while I had mixed feelings about the post I want to tell you just how wonderful it feels to know that someone like me not a celebrity and just some small student can have her opinions validated, responded to and appreciated, that truly makes it all so much better, truly, Thank you!

She and Katherine Heigl have both won some admiration from me simply because they get a lot of sexist flack from people for being women with opinions who don’t kiss their bosses’ asses. I like Heigl much more as a person and actress, but I think Megan Fox has shown a lot of awareness in her interviews about how Hollywood uses women and that Hollywood isn’t valuing her for anything more than how she looks. She sounds like she knows she has a lot of work to do if she ever wants to be taken seriously as an actress, and she’s very young, so it’ll be interesting to see how her choices change as she grows up more.

My only issue with Megan Fox is I think she’s trying to be another Angelina Jolie. Megan is not original.

I never hear anything bad about her, only that she’s said something stupid, or about how hot she is (I don’t think so). What I do hear about is how she’s the new person to hate, and everyone keeps saying they hate her, and how all the feminists hate it. Do you know what I hate? Being told I can’t hate someone. I will hate Megan Fox if I want to hate Megan Fox. I don’t do it because it’s the new “in” thing, I’ve hated her since the very beginning.

I hate Megan Fox, and I’m going to keep hating her, and the more people who tell me I can’t just makes me hate her and them more.

I totally agree with you and I get so frustrated seeing her get trashed for speaking the truth. People constantly misquote her too. I rarely read intelligent articles that actually acknowledge what she is saying about how hollywood works.

It’s weird how you can read people criticize her for getting plastic surgery but a lot of those same people will criticize her or some other actress for something they deem “wrong” with their looks. It’s a no-win situation for women in hollywood. They have to keep their mouths shut and play by the rules or people tell them to “be quiet and look pretty” or something.

stumbled upon this site from link to link… why all this attention on Meg Fox anyway? She’s a lousy actress who plays in lousy big budget garbage. Just because she opens her mouth and emits sound doesn’t mean she’s smart or even actually a feminist.

Give props to real actress: Zooey Deschanel, Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, even Mila Kunis who is way prettier and more talented than Megan Fox. Fox has attention because she’s good looking – if you like Playboy – and she’s a poor actress. In two years she’ll be in a bunch of garbage b-horror movies (not that that’s a bad thing I guess).

sorry, even my previous comment sounded a bit sexist. What I should have said was that the amount of actresses who rely on their actual TALENT and happen to be good looking is big enough that it’s a shame the media has this love affair with some 23 year old jerk who criticizes other her peers of being jealous of her confidence – read breast augmentation and nose job – and has the nerve to say she’s a feminist.

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