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You Should Check Out…

Posted on: September 8, 2009

In lieu of link love today, I wanted to highlight one site that I think should get some more attention.  This site is The Love Letters Project.

Here’s the thing, I can support gay marriage, but I will never really understand what it means and what it feels like for my (theoretical) marriage to not be recognized by the country or the state that I live in.

I knew Crystal and Christina at Beloit College.  This past summer they got married in Iowa and had a ceremony in California.  They are currently still in Beloit, WI completing an honors term.  Wisconsin does not recognize their marriage and neither does the United States, obviously.

Since their marriage, Crystal has been writing a letter a day to President Obama until her marriage is recognized at a national level.  This project is documented in her blog, The Love Letters Project.  The letters that Crystal writes talk about a variety of things, all centering around the need to legalize gay marriage.  She talks about what it’s like to live in a place where her marriage is not recognized as well as every day life as young newlyweds.  You should all check out and support the great work that she is doing!

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