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This Week in Blogs: August 30 – September 5

Posted on: September 6, 2009

I hope you all have had a great week!  I’ve finally started a somewhat regular work schedule, as some of you may know.  Because of this, I am asking for guest/cross posts from my readers!  Once I get used to my work schedule, I will probably be back to posting more regularly.  Right now, the weekly features should not suffer, it’s mainly the number of posts.  But I am trying to have at least one post a day outside of weekly features, but we’ll see if I can keep that up.

As always, check out the link love from Tuesday and Thursday.  This post features some of my favorite posts from the past couple days as well as some of my favorite posts of the week that were already featured in link love this week.

New link love:

What’s a Little Nudity Between Friends: Racism in the Fashion World [Womanist Musings] – by examining a specific photospread featuring a white woman and a Black woman, Renee looks at the fetishization of Black women’s bodies by the fashion world and society.

A Response to “Lady Mags” – Love Them, Flaws and All, or Leave Them? [The Other Side of the Apple] – this is a new blog that I recommend you all check out!  This post looks at what “lady mags” have to offer, both positives and negatives.

Feminism 101: On Anger [Shakesville] – anger is a pretty rational thing for a subjugated person.

Get Your Agenda Off My Body [Recursive Paradox] – required reading for cis feminists and womanists on activist based transphobia.

Want to be a hipster girlfriend? Look like a child. [Swimsuit Issue] – American Apparel’s advertisements set unrealistic expectations for women.

Weekly Link Love:

Straight Girls: Your Pretend Facebook Relationships Are Not Funny or Cute [Pieces of String] – straight girls in relationships on Facebook add to the erasure of lesbian relationships.

Feminism and Joss Whedon: Time To Talk About the Boys [this ain’t livin’] – I’m pretty much obsessed with meloukhia’s “Feminism and Joss Whedon” series. This installment looks at the portrayal of male Actives in Dollhouse.

Raising a Feminist/Raised a Feminist: A Mother’s and Daughter’s Perspective [Feministing] – a post from a mother and a daughter on raising and being raised a feminist.

Language: why “retarded” and “lame” are not okay [Deeply Problematic] – this is a cross post from Phira featured on Deeply Problematic about the problematic nature of language.


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