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Some Girl Loses Her Outfit in a Bet

Posted on: September 5, 2009

That’s the description of the youtube video for a KGB commercial that I looked up after I saw it on ABC Family.  KGB has definitely made some problematic commercials before, as Renee at Womanist Musings has pointed out.  But this one really struck a cord with me:

You get some drinking, cross-dressing, and a woman in her underwear all in one commercial!  What joy!

While the woman is shown as being comfortable with her body and her sexuality in the commercial (she doesn’t need a “towel” to cover up), it’s not really her sexuality that she is comfortable with expressing.  Her sexuality is being interpreted through the corporate interests, which are probably male.

And then there is the description of the youtube video, which is simply: “some girls loses her outfit in a bet.”  This woman doesn’t even have an identity.  In the KGB commercials, the names of the two people aren’t given and the man is usually the one who takes the lead.  But in this description, she’s not even part of the KGB team…she’s just “some girl.”

In this commercial, the woman is only valued for her body and her sexuality.  Just another example of the erasure of identity for the purposes of corporate (probably male) fantasies of sexualized women.


4 Responses to "Some Girl Loses Her Outfit in a Bet"

i’m getting really fed up with kgb. i just saw their latest gem, where the question is “how do i find out my girlfriend’s bra size?” and the answer is to compare the boobs to fruit. and of course the commercial implies assault, the man appearing as if he’s going to grab the boobs. ugh.

or sneak a peak at her bra’s tag…i mean, come on!

Oh my goodness. I was just having a big discussion with my boyfriend about this very commercial. Our conversation centered more around why it’s so bad for a man to wear feminine clothing though.

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