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Ellie Greenwich [Feminist Flashback Friday]

Posted on: September 4, 2009

ellie67Last week, Ellie Greenwich died of a heart attack.  Ellie Greenwich was a singer, songwriter, and record producer whose songs were popular in the 1960s.  Maybe you haven’t heard of Ellie Greenwich necessarily, but I’m sure you have heard some on the songs she has written or producer.  Greenwich wrote songs such as “Leader of the Pack,” “Da Doo Ron Ron,” “Chapel of Love,” and “Be My Baby.”

Ellie Greenwich is responsible for many of the girl group hits of the 1960s.  She was a successful woman in the music business in a time when there were not that many women (or at least severely less than there are today).  She was involved in all parts of music production, which was pretty unheard of, especially for a woman.  Some of her music and lyrics may be problematic (as much of it focuses on marriage and relationships), but she really was a pioneer!  Her songs were hits in the 1960s and are still popular today.  I knew most of her songs, but didn’t realize that they were actually hers.  No one ever really pays attention to who the songwriter was.

You can listen to NPR’s profile of Ellie Greenwich and an old interview done by Terri Gross here.  The interview centers on the role that Greenwich had as a woman in the music industry and how she gained respect.

I’m going to let Ellie’s music do the rest of the talking:

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