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Disney and Marvel: The Perfect Marriage?

Posted on: September 4, 2009

disney-marvel-2I was driving to work on Wednesday when I heard the djs (one male, one female) on the radio talking about the recent purchase of Marvel by Disney.  The guy was very upset about teh purchase because he loves Marvel’s creations and didn’t see Disney as matching up with what Marvel does.  The woman called him out on this and said something along the lines of “you just don’t like it because Disney is for girls and Marvel is for boys.”  I do wish that this point would have been discussed a little further but I guess I can’t expect much from little snip-its on a morning radio show on a pop station.  But I was glad to hear that kind of brief analysis on the show.

Disney is known for making movies about princesses.  Marvel is known for making movies about superheroes.  Stereotypically, you would associate Disney with girls and Marvel with boys, if you look at it just on the surface.  Boys shouldn’t aspire to be princesses and girls shouldn’t go too out of their prescribed social status and aspire to be superheroes.

I think Marvel might actually bring some good things to Disney.  As much as I love some classic Disney movies, I have been turned off of the company ever since I actually started analyzing their movies.  Not to mention the fact that they own the world.  Marvel definitely isn’t perfect either.  But I think that if they meld together, they could strike a good balance.  Or they could just prove to continue to reinforce gender norms.  Only time will tell I guess.

3 Responses to "Disney and Marvel: The Perfect Marriage?"

I will have to disagree with you. I don’t like the idea of Marvel now being ruled by the Magic Kingdom.

In all truth I never saw Disney as being for girls more than boys. At least until recently, when I stepped into a Disney store, and saw nothing but Princess dolls and accessories.

It’s true that Princesses do seem to be a very discriminating thing. That Princess can’t do nothing, but get saved by a knight as seen in video games, books, movies, and others forms of media. Making girls think that in order to be important to men, you have to look beautiful like a princess.

Superheroes also give the wrong idea to boys, that the only way to be something great is to be muscular and fight anyone who stands in your path.

I am not trying to take sides with gender, but both Princess and Superheroes shouldn’t be role models for anyone. Unless you associate Princess as someone who has leadership,and inspires a girl to want to become president someday.

Superheroes on the other hand, it all depends on who ones you look up to; with me it was Spider-man, and I learned that “With great power, comes great responsibility”. I learned a lot from that saying, and I try not to step on peoples toes who are lower than me at something.

What I am angered about is that Disney might try to get Marvel to tone down the future movies so it would be more kid friendly than teenage or adult. When I think of Marvel, I think of teenagers, or adults. Not boys, but that’s just me.

My biggest concern is if Disney also takes over the animated movies as well, I like the animated perhaps even more than I do the live-action -Avengers, Dr. Strange, ect.

If I disagree with the movies, I can always stick with the comics themselves.

awesome post, but i think you’ve got a typo (a funny typo) up there: “Boys should aspire to be princesses…” i think you mean “shouldn’t.”

but yeah, hopefully this will bring something good…hopefully…

Two of my guilty pleasures are Disney movies and anything X-men, but I think this is a baaad idea. Although Marvel and Disney have different core demographics, they push very similar ideas about gender roles. Women are allowed to have strong bodies or personalities (Ariel, Pocahontas, Mulan), but they must be sexy/beautiful and preferably pining for their (heterosexual) happily ever afters if they haven’t already attained it (Jean Grey omg). Most, if not all, women who don’t follow these rules are evil or background characters (Ursula, Callisto, Mrs. Potts, Marrow, etc). The leading men are usually somewhat good-looking, but “good-looking” and “excessively masculine” are often considered interchangeable (comicverse Wolverine and [Disney’s] Beast are totes irresistible!). I could go on, but yeah. Stick a bunch of people who all believe the same things together, and IMO they’ll just convince each other how awesome they are and resolve to be even more awesome in the future.

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