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Welcome to My New Site!

Posted on: August 29, 2009

Welcome!  I have just started this self-hosted site, moving away from Blogger.  I have been blogging for a little over two months now and I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished and I have “met” some great people in the feminist blogging (see some of their sites to the right under Feminist Blogs).  For those of you who are new to the site, this blog is about feminism and pop culture and about everything in between.  See my “About/Contact” section for more information about the blog and how you can become involved!  I’m still working out some of the kinks with the side and moving from Blogger to WordPress, so please be patient withe me!

In honor of my new site, I thought I would do some link love…for myself!  There are some of my favorite or most popular posts that I have written over the past two months.  Take a look through them and let me know what you think!

Sandra Bullock is a guy…? – This is pretty much the first post that I wrote.  It’s about the movie The Proposal, the representation of career women, how women aren’t complete without a man, and the sexism surrounding the whole thing.

Megan Fox is Setting a Bad Example…Anyone Surprised? – A review of Transformers 2 in which I look at the role that Megan Fox’s character played in the story line.

High Heels and Lipstick: The Big Question – A look at how femininity can be reconciled with feminism.

If Women Make Movies, Is It Automatically Feminist? – Jennifer’s Body is made by women, but is it feminist?

Harry’s All About the Sexual Tension – Why did reviewers think it was so bad that the new Harry Potter movie was full of romantic relationships and sexual tension?  Afriad of teen sexuality much?

Washed Over by a Wave – Do we really need a wave metaphor or a “third wave” of feminism?  What is feminism all about in these times?

Am I Overreacting? – I love when people tell me I’m overreacting.

A Feminist Reflection on Pedicures – Pedicures make me feel uncomfortable even though I love getting them.  Why?

Are Clothes More Important than Intellect? – A look at how the media’s preoccupation with Michelle Obama’s clothes is silencing her from meaningful political involvement.

Owning My Thin Privilege – According the the definition, I have thin privilege, but I have problems accepting that identity and privilege.

Retraction: Men Can Not Be Feminists – Men can be pro-feminist, feminist-minded,and feminist allies, but not feminists (keep in mind this how I approach the topic, not all how all feminisms approach the issue of the male feminist).

Also check out my ongoing series’ that are listed (and linkd to) on the right: Breast Implications, Feminist Flashback Fridays, Link Love, Movie Mondays, Sing-A-Long Saturdays, and Women’s Studies Wednesdays.


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Yaaaaay this is awesome! =)

[…] 1, 2009 by Jessica Some questions posed by Laura from Adventures of a Young Feminist and some answers by me! Persepolis (2008) by Marjane […]

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