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The Babysitter's Here [Sing-A-Long Saturday]

Posted on: August 29, 2009

Just a quick little late post for Sing-A-Long Saturday.  I plan on writing a longer post for Dar Williams later, but I’m just going to give you a little taste now.  “The Babysitter’s Here” was the first Dar Williams song that I heard my freshman year of college.  It’s pretty special to me because…going to talk myself up here, kinda…I went to a Dar Williams concert with the babysitter’s son!

“The Babysitter’s Here” is a song about Dar Williams’ childhood babysitter…big surprise.  A lot of people in my dorm freshmen year were big Dar Williams fans, so when Dar was having a concert in Madison, WI, we piled in a car and headed up there.  One of the guys that lived in my dorm was actually the son of Dar’s babysitter that the song was about, so he got us a good deal.  This concert is also where I was introduced to Girlyman.  We got there super early and sat in front of the theater with other fans we met and sang Dar songs.  Dar heard us singing and called us all up on stage to sing along with her for her song “Iowa.”  And then because we had the babysitter’s son with us, we got to go backstage after the show.  This is one experience that will always stick with me.  So here is the song “The Babysitter’s Here”:

2 Responses to "The Babysitter's Here [Sing-A-Long Saturday]"

I love Dar Williams. Tons.

Classic Dar; what an amazing song, what an amazing singer.

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