Fighting with the Sky


Posted on: August 25, 2009

I had a hard time coming to inspiration today. But the good news: I started my job today! Actually I’m probably there right now, since this post was scheduled. The bad news: since I’m starting a job, I might not have as much time to post, so while I get adjusted to my new schedule, there might be a dip in the number of posts. But no worries, I promise to try to keep up! Just as a side note, there are some great discussions going on at my post about thin privilege and my post about the racism behind District 9, so take a look and join the conversation!

Here are some of my favorite posts of the past couple days! Don’t forget to leave what you’ve been writing and reading in the comments…I’m all about self-promotion!

Is showing a plus-size model really ‘progressive’?
[Appetite for Equal Rights]
The blogosphere was going ga-ga over “the girl on page 194” of the latest Glamour, but Amy wonders if this was really that progressive.

Douchebag DESchatz uses Guinness to construct women as shared surface for beer [Deeply Problematic]
A “joke commercial” for Guinness displays themes of dehumanization and rape.

Getting out of the way so women can save the world [Feministing]
A look at the recent NYT Magazine about “Saving the World’s Women.”

Why Feminism Should Be Taught in School
[Small Strokes]
A look at the reasons feminism should be an integral part of the curriculum from the perspective of a teacher. Also see the first part of How Feminism Should Be Taught in School: How Feminism Should NOT Be Taught in School.

For Blue Eyes: Pecola Breedlove Lives [Womanist Musings]
Renee has a great post about internalized hatred.

1 Response to "Linkfest!"

Loved that thin privilege piece!I just did this a few hours ago, on why I think men shouldn't identify as feminists,

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