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Hollister Continues Sexualization of Teens

Posted on: August 20, 2009

We’ve seen things like this before. But it’s always shocking to see new t-shirts released with sexually explicit phrases on them. And some of these new Hollister ones take the cake:

Who wouldn’t want to wear a sexually explicit message over their breasts?

I find all of these t-shirts offensive (“Girls just wanna have sun” is not as bad as the others though, but still…). Sexually explicit messages on t-shirts are just another way to further objectify women, and young women and teenagers at that.

According to Jezebel, Hollister calls these shirts “hot and funny.”

I don’t really see what’s funny about “Legal-ish”, “I [Heart] The Woody”, and “The twins are quite a handful”. Using a phrase like “Legal-ish” encourages the sexualization of teenagers through corporate male fantasies.

Hollister is marketed towards young teenagers. I do not think it is appropriate to market these sexually explicit shirts to teenagers. I think it’s fine for teens to express their sexuality, but not through “corporate male fantasies.” Because that’s what these shirts are. They are not about teens expressing their sexuality in a responsible way. They are about corporations promoting the over sexualization of teenagers for their own purposes.


1 Response to "Hollister Continues Sexualization of Teens"

My boyfriend was looking over my shoulder as I read this post (he's a junior high teacher) and he said, horrified, "Oh my god. My students are going to be wearing those." And he's right. It isn't good, these shirts, and what they advertize.

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