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True Blood: Hoyt Redeems Himself

Posted on: August 17, 2009

Last week I talked about how Jessica has become a “perma-virgin” on True Blood and how that comments on views of virginity. Hoyt’s reaction to this was deeply disturbing (Hoyt being Jessica’s love interest). Trying to comfort Jessica, Hoyt remarks that her regenerating hymen will make it so that every time they have sex will be their first time — it’ll be great! Jessica was not as thrilled.

Hoyt’s reaction in last week’s episode “Timebomb” just shows men’s unrealistic expectations of virginity in women. Men want women to be “pure” (aka virgins) but as soon as then have sex with them, they are dirty. Jessica’s regenerating hymen is a perfect situation for a man because it means they can have sex with a virgin all the time! And what a way to punish a woman for being sexual…make sex painful all the time!

After Hoyt’s reaction to Jessica’s regenerating hymen I was ready to hate him for a while. I was interested to see where they were going to go with this story line. Surprisingly, Hoyt redeemed himself in last night’s episode “I Will Rise Up.” In discussing the situation, Hoyt tells Jessica that there are more ways than intercourse to have sex. Redemption point #1. He seems to be genuinely supportive and wants to help Jessica either find a way to get rid of her hymen or find other ways that they can have sex.

Then Hoyt stands up to his overbearing mom both at home and in Merlotte’s. Redemption point #2. He calls his mother out on all the hatred (sometimes irrational hatred) that she has and stands up for Jessica.

While Hoyt’s initial reaction to Jessica’s regenerating hymen was deeply disturbing, after he had time to think about the situation (as much as a fictional character can) he had a chance to redeem himself. I actually really like Hoyt after last nights episode.

In a note completely unrelated to Hoyt and Jessica’s relationship…
Eric’s coercion of Sookie to get her to drink his blood was kind of disturbing and a complete invasion of Sookie’s person, but it did lead to a great dream scene about them in bed together and Eric being the sweet guy that I know (or hope) that he is…

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2 Responses to "True Blood: Hoyt Redeems Himself"

Yay! I definitely agree with what you've written here – though folks who have read the books know that Sookie always had a kinda sorta crush on Eric, without having had to drink his blood. The way they portrayed it in the show definitely disturbed me, though. And Hoyt – way to go! He's definitely up there on my list of fave characters now.

You hit the nail on the head! I'm glad you wrote about Hoyt and his redemptive qualities! And also, I hope to see Eric bring out his compassionate and loving side (one that we witnessed with Goddric and in that dream sequence).

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