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This Week in Blogs: August 9-15

Posted on: August 16, 2009

I’m thinking of having a post like this more than once a week since the list of amazing posts from other blogs is getting to be really long. Look for a post along these lines on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as Sundays from now on. Sorry for the late posting time today. I was at my cousin’s wedding this weekend and didn’t get home until Sunday afternoon. I’m always looking for new blogs to read! Leave your links in the comments!

Victim’s don’t “get raped”: on blaming, passivity, and verbs – Deeply Problematic
A great post on the language we use surrounding rape. No one “gets raped,” they “are raped.” Also don’t forget to check out RMJ’s ongoing 50 Books for Problematic Times.

5 Reasons We Still Need Feminism – Appetite for Equal Rights
Some people think that feminism is no longer needed (not me!), but here are at least 5 reasons why we still need it!

They tried that in the 90’s – FBomb
Where are all the shows that accurately represent the lives and worries of teenagers?

Nonmonogamy and Feminism: A Happy Couple – Feministe
How do “open relationships” and nonmonogamy fit into feminist values?

Kelly Clarkson should consider moving to the UK – Feministing
On the use of photoshopping in the US and the UK and more on the Kelly Clarkson Self cover.

The “Sixteen Candles” date rape scene – Salon Broadsheet
I love John Hughes and “Sixteen Candles” but don’t forget about that date rape scene…

So, why do we blog, anyway? (I am deeply disturbed) – Small Stokes
Ashley takes on some of the trends that she sees in feminist blogging that worry her.

Filament magazine and the female gaze – Swimsuit Issue
There’s a new magazine out geared towards women that features smart stories and hunky men.

What We Can Learn From the French – The Undomestic Goddess
What do the French have that we don’t?

A “feminist wedding” is an oxymoron – Womanist Musings
I’ve been thinking a lot about weddings recently as I just attended my cousin’s. How do feminist values fit into the patriarchal norm of weddings?


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Thanks for linking to my Feministe post =)

Thanks for linking to my Swimsuit Issue post!! x

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